‘Love After Lockup’: John Miller Explains Eagle Wing & Tribal Ties

Love After Lockup star John Miller recently took to the camera to address some of the things fans have been asking about.

John talks about his tribal membership and the eagle wing he owns. Plus, he sorts out his marriages and even describes how one of his ex-wives and current wife, Kristianna Roth met.

Love After Lockup: John Miller Says he has Federal Permit to Own an Eagle Wing

John Miller of Love After Lockup spoke on camera for several minutes after the last airing of the WEtv show. One of the things he spoke about was the eagle wing he keeps in his freezer. John mentioned that some people didn’t like that he had it. Several federal laws cover possession of eagles and their parts, including feathers.

Bald and Golden Eagles are protected by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Possessing  part of a Bald Eagle, including feathers, carries a potential penalty of $15k-$100k fine. Also, six months to a year in jail for a first offense. Offenders risk being charged with multiple violations of different laws for the same offense. Love After Lockup star John Miller would be putting a lot on the line if he acted outside the law with his eagle wing.

John Miller points out that since he showed his eagle wing on Love After Lockup he wouldn’t be tough to find in Cresco, Iowa if he didn’t have the proper permits to own the wing. According to the US Fish & Wildlife Service, permits for possessing eagle parts can be obtained for Native American religious purposes, among other things.

Love After Lockup: John Miller

Is He Native American or Not?

John Miller, star of Love After Lockup, described how he is considered Native American and showed his tribal card as proof. Fans have accused him of appropriating Native American culture. John explained his birth mother gave him up for adoption immediately after he was born. But he tracked down his biological father and discovered he had been in prison for murder and other charges.

John Miller of Love After Lockup discovered his Native American heritage after he tracked down his birth father, who is of the Chickasaw Nation. He showed an Identification card that reads “Chickasaw Nation Tribal Citizenship Card” on camera. John said he registered his children with the tribe, and their children after them will also be registered with the tribe.

Love After Lockup star John Miller said that he follows the belief system of the Oglala Lakota. While he is only half Native American, his spirituality and culture are everything to him. He further said his traditional ceremony and marriage to Kristianna Roth are legal, and he had the marriage papers ready and waiting for signatures when she accepted his proposal.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Kristianna Roth

John Sheds Light on his Wives for Love After Lockup Fans

WEtv Love After Lockup celeb John Miller took to the cameras to describe his relationships and wives. John told followers of the show that all his children but one came from his first wife. He ran off with the first wife’s cousin, and they had a sham marriage for appearances. John and his wife’s cousin ran from the law and pretended to be married. Once his divorce from his first wife became final, he married wife number three.

He met Kristianna Roth through a prison website, and they are on Love After Lockup. Now John and Kristianna have married. Their Native American ceremony occurred once John picked her up from prison after her release. Oddly enough, while none of his ex-wives were convicts at the time of their relationship, one is now.

John Miller said he and Kristianna Roth were talking on the phone while she was still in prison, and his ex-wife’s name came up. Apparently, she was in the same prison and on the same unit as Kristianna, and neither one knew their connection to John at the time. Hopefully, these tidbits from John clear up some of the questions fans of Love After Lockup have had about him.

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