‘Love After Lockup’: John Miller Talks Murder of Fellow Castmembers

Love After Lockup star John Miller recently talked about how fellow cast members would be murdered if they were in a horror film. He has a large collection of Freddy Krueger and Jason memorabilia. He started collecting a few years ago and claims his collection is now worth a chunk of change. This prompted him to talk about how his co-stars might fare if they were in a horror flick.

Love After Lockup: John Miller’s Horror Film Memorabilia

John Miller told fans in the last episode of WEtv Love After Lockup he began collecting horror film memorabilia about five years ago. John’s first purchase was a Freddy Krueger glove autographed by Robert Englund.

John has invested about 20k in the collection since he started and that it’s now worth about 40k. Love After Lockup celeb John Miller has two pieces he considers his most prized possessions in the collection.

One is a needle glove from Nightmare on Elm Street III. Also, John owns a machete from Jason X, made from a mold of the original. Love After Lockup star John Miller claims only six of these were made, and he is the only non-castmember who owns one.

Love After Lockup: John Miller

Love After Lockup: John Says How Co-Stars Could Be Killed

John Miller gave his thoughts on what a horror film made from Love After Lockup stars might look like. First, Lindsey Downs would be cast as the character having sex with the counselor, who would die “right off the bat.” John said Lindsey’s ex, Scott Bradshaw, could be the guy hiding behind all the chainsaws believing no one would look there.

Next, the guy hiding in the basement, knowing there is no escape and the killer is in the house? That would be Shawn Osborne, according to John.  Shawns’ recent ex-girlfriend Destinie Folsom of Love After Lockup plays the character who confronts the killer and cusses him out in John’s movie.

Destine, for example, has had plenty of practice lately at that activity after she swore at Shawn for taking his car back. But the couple who doesn’t even make it past the opening credits? John Miller has Heather and Dylan Smith from Season 3 penciled in for that role. Fans of Love After Lockup might remember the pair arguing and blaming each other pretty quickly after Dylan got released.

How Does the Film End?

Subsequently, If they did make it past the credits, they’d be too busy arguing to notice the guy with the machete and hockey mask behind them. After that, it would be all over for them. John Miller doesn’t leave himself and his wife Kristianna Roth out of the Love After Lockup horror movie casting, either.

He dies by trying to rescue Kristianna and not paying attention. He said the villain would snatch him up and destroy him. Kristianna, on the other hand, would make it to the rowboat at the docks. But Kristianna Roth falls asleep, and as a result, Jason jumps out of the lake and kills her off at the last second.

Jessica Gipson and Maurice on WEtv are the only two John Miller sees surviving his hypothetical horror film. However, John Miller sees Jessica Gipson as too pure to die in the first film. Jessica and Maurice would get beaten up but would escape the killer’s clutches and make their getaway in a van. However, John thinks Love After Lockup celeb Jessica would die in the sequel.

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