‘Love After Lockup’: Kristianna Roth Pregnant & Out of Prison

Love After Lockup alum Kristianna Roth is out of jail again and showing off a baby bump in Las Vegas with her husband, John Miller. Meanwhile, on the WEtv show, John’s about to hook up with her sister, it seems, on the sequel show Life After Lockup. But whatever they did for the cameras, he wound up with his felon love in the end.

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Roth Relapsed – Sent Back to Jail

On the reality show, fans watched Kristianna Roth get out of prison, only to wed (and bed) John Miller in the back of his pickup truck. But, she was out for just a few months before Kristianna took off from the halfway house and reportedly relapsed into drug use.

The Love After Lockup jailbird wasn’t slated for release until February 2023. But the state of Iowa let Kristianna Roth out early. Local police arrested Kristianna for burglary in December 2019. It looks like Kristianna spent less than a year behind bars with her out now and pregnant.

Although Kristianna Roth was slated to serve until 2023, Iowa’s prison system cut her loose in September 2020. So maybe good behavior, or COVID, fast-tracked her release. Either way, Kristianna from Love After Lockup has been out of Iowa prison for almost six months.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Terra - Life After Lockup

John Miller Flirting with Sister-in-Law on TV – But Wife Pregnant

In deleted scenes from Love After Lockup, we saw Kristianna Roth crying on her sister Terra’s shoulder before turning herself in to do her time. It was a red flag back then that Terra talked about John and seemed to think he was the best thing for her.

But next week’s Life After Lockup previews show John getting handsy with Kristianna’s sister, who’s coming on to him wearing nothing but a towel (see above). This certainly looks bad, but it’s reality TV. So, there’s always the question of whether Kristianna’s husband was really hooking up with Terra.

And Love After Lockup viewers will see that, despite John and Terra flirting, he clarifies that he loves Kristianna Roth. This may be all scripted drama to keep them active on WE tv while his felon wife Kristianna is behind bars. Keep an eye out for that next week.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Kristianna Roth

John & Wife Kristianna Pregnant in Las Vegas – Love After Lockup Update

Now, Kristianna Roth is getting her happily ever after with John Miller. They were spotted in Vegas recently. And she’s pregnant. (see pics above – credit to sharpdressman for spotting them and grabbing pics of the Love After Lockup duo).

With Kristianna released, that means we should see those two again. Maybe they’ll get another Life After Lockup season. Or perhaps Life Goes On will feature their pregnancy news. But whatever John did (or didn’t do with her sis), he and his Love After Lockup prison wife are together.

And they’re expecting. This will be child number seven (or maybe more) for John. And for anyone reeling over the sister twist, Kristianna’s husband has done this before. She definitely has a new look in the photos above, but the eyewitness confirmed it’s indeed her, and she’s pregnant.

Reportedly, while married to one wife, he then married her cousin. So, John likes to keep it in the family, it seems. Congratulations to Kristianna Roth on getting parole — and pregnant. We’ll update you on the due date once we find it.

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