‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: John Miller Admits Feelings for Terra

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal John Miller and Terra have been flirting with each other since wife Kristianna Roth has been back in Jail. Although John admits he and Kristianna have only spent three days together in the free world since they married, he does not want to break his vows But, will John admit his feelings for Terra?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: John Miller Seeks Advice from Kerry

John goes to his friend Kerry for advice about Terra. Kerry is the one who performed John Miller and Kristianna Roth’s marriage ceremony on Love After Lockup. John admits he and Terra flirt and mess around. So, he wonders if their feelings have gotten jumbled up. Kerry tells him he’s feeding that flirtation.

Kerry feels he will wind up in bed with Terra if it doesn’t stop, but John Miller tells viewers of Love After Lockup he’s dedicated his life to the Red Road. And it is crazy to think of throwing it all away for 30 seconds of pleasure. Again, Kerry reminds him he’s been down the road to temptation before.

Kerry says John Miller is thinking with the “wrong head.” He thinks John needs to stop flirting and horse-playing with Terra. Kerry feels this is a dangerous road to go down, considering his history. John Miller previously confirmed to viewers that he’s cheated on every woman he has been with, and Kerry says he will have to choose.

Love After Lockup: John Miller

Love After Lockup: Terra Coming on Too Strong?

Sister-in-law Terra has been living with him since Kristianna got out of jail on WEtv Love After Lockup and married John Miller. Kristianna and Terra’s mother, Tammy, worries that they flirt too much and their behavior is not appropriate. She believes they could cross a line, and something might happen between them.

Viewers of Love After Lockup heard from John Miller that since Kristianna’s been gone, sister Terra has been living there and acting as the woman of the house. According to him, Terra has stepped into a “partner” role, taking care of the house since her sister Kristianna is away. Terra doesn’t help matters. She’s attracted to him and believes he returns her feelings. John actually confesses to Kerry that Terra is coming onto him.

Fans notice that Terra is touchy-feely with John. She sits close enough that their legs touch. She came into his room in only a towel and slapped his a**. One scene from last week shows her sitting on his lap and moving in for a kiss, which he rebuffed. Love After Lockup star John Miller has his hands full with sister-in-law Terra.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Terra

What Will John Miller Do About Terra?

Terra says she knows Love After Lockup’s John Miller has feelings for her, but he is married to her sister Kristianna. He admits to Kerry that his feelings for Terra have gotten all mixed up. Kerry advises him to stop the flirtations which are feeding his attraction to Terra.

He must decide whether his vows to Kristianna are more important than the temporary pleasure an affair with Terra would bring. Or, will he stay with the woman he says he loves? Or will he move onto her sister and hope for a new emotional connection with Terra? Fans of Love After Lockup are rooting for Kristianna.

This love triangle poses big problems for these Love After Lockup cast members. Will Kristianna go after sister Terra when she gets out? Can Terra convince John Miller to break his vows to her sister? John needs to get his priorities in order and decide.

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