‘Love After Lockup’: Puppy On the Run – Mom Arrested

Love After Lockup star Puppy (Amber Eggar‘s girlfriend) has been getting a lot of screen time lately. Many fans have wondered if Puppy is using again because her looks have changed so much in recent weeks on the show. Soap Dirt recently confirmed with Georgia authorities that Puppy is on the run from the law. Also, her mother went to jail as well.

Love After Lockup: Puppy is Wanted By the Law

According to her parole office, Love After Lockup star Puppy did violate her parole, and there is a warrant for her arrest. She is still serving parole for two previous charges. Puppy received a 10-year sentence on two 2014 arrests for Theft By Receiving Stolen Property and Sales of Methamphetamine. A judge sentenced her to 20 years for a Trafficking Meth charge from June 2016.

Fans noticed Puppy’s face changed from round to slim with hollowed cheeks in recent airings of Love After Lockup on WEtv. They speculate that Puppy could be using drugs again. She’s shown drinking alcohol on the show, which generally goes against parole or probation conditions.

But for now, Puppy seems to be on the lamb. She was released from prison in December 2019 under conditions of Parole. Her projected end date for her parole is 6/28/2024. But Soap Dirt confirmed that Love After Lockup celeb Puppy is wanted by her parole office in Metro Atlanta. And there has been an active warrant for her arrest since November 2020.

Love After Lockup: Puppy

Love After Lockup: Puppy Has an Extensive History with the Law

Puppy has not exactly been a model citizen. In no particular order, her previous charges include Theft By Taking and Use of a Communication Facility to Violate the Georgia Controlled Substance Act. Love After Lockup star Puppy also had previous drug charges as well as violating her probation.

Her Time in the System

Love After Lockup castmember Puppy served several sentences for criminal offenses over the years. Some might have included jail time, and some only probation, as some of the timelines overlap. She received a three-year sentence in 2013. But the cops arrested her again in January 2014, and she received another four years on one charge and ten years on a second charge in the same arrest.

But a month later, in February 2014, Puppy picked up two more charges and racked up another 12 months for a misdemeanor and another 10-year sentence for Theft By Receiving. Her next known arrest came in June 2016 when Puppy racked up the 20-year sentence. The Love After Lockup celeb will have a lot to answer for when the law catches up with her this time.

Love After Lockup: Puppy - Mom

Puppy’s Mother Caught a Charge Too

Recently a reporter for SD verified with a Metro Atlanta jurisdiction that Love After Lockup celeb Puppy’s mother did get arrested and charged with Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana Less Than 1 oz and Drug-Related Objects. She received a $4000 bond and secured her release.

SD was unable to verify whether that arrest came while officials were looking for Puppy, from Love After Lockup fame, on her existing warrant or not. She may not have been with her mother at the time of Mom’s arrest. Surely, if she had been, the cops would have checked to see if she was wanted by the law.

At this time, Mom is waiting for her court date. And Puppy seems to be avoiding her parole officer. The Love After Lockup celeb might have to spend more time behind bars when they catch up with her. SD will follow this story and give more updates as they become available.

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