‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Puppy & Amber Blackmail, Beatdowns & More

Love After Lockup spoilers have Puppy and Amber Eggers discussing what to do about Vince Gonzalez. Plus, John Slater and Lacey’s dad have words. Michael Simmons talks about Sarah Simmons, while Terra makes a promise about John Miller. And Shawn Osborne looks for answers from Destinie Folsom. Check out upcoming events on WEtv.

Love After Lockup: Puppy & Amber Eggers Discuss Blackmail

Love After Lockup spoilers give viewers insight into Puppy and Amber Eggers’ plans for Vince. Puppy says she has no choice but to blackmail Vince Gonzalez. Puppy promises to have him thrown in jail. Soon, Vince tells Puppy and Amber Eggers he feels “shiested” by the two of them. Amber has been living with Puppy since the prison release, and she’s had Vince on the side as well.

Recently on Love After Lockup, Puppy and Amber hooked up. But Amber Eggers isn’t strictly into women. So, she’s keeping Vince on the back burner. Puppy questioned Amber’s feelings for her and wants to know where she stands. But, Amber and Puppy’s relationship has its bumps. Puppy thinks Amber is playing with her feelings and only keeps her around to play with when she “feels gay.”

Amber Eggers insists she loves Puppy, but they never had a plan for a relationship. Puppy appears to be making plans to take Vince out of the picture. She’s talking about having him thrown in jail. Will she be successful with the blackmail attempt? Will Amber Eggers stay with Puppy or go back to Vince? Viewers can hope for answers soon on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: John Slater - Lacey's Dad

Will John Get a Beatdown from Lacey’s Father?

Lacey’s dad heads to John Slater’s house to confront the guy. But John promises to “beat his a**” if he doesn’t get out of there. Dad’s response? Bring it on, and we’ll have a beatdown right now. Love After Lockup viewers will have to tune in to discover if punches will be thrown or whether these two are blowing smoke.

Plus, Michael talks about his and Sarah’s marriage. Even though they’re separated, WEtv’s Michael Simmons can’t say he’ll never get with Sarah again. Sarah Simmons recently went back and forth between two men, Michael and new guy Malcolm. In a recent Love After Lockup episode, Sarah confessed to Malcolm that her estranged husband Michael is staying wither her, and her new man walked out of the discussion.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Terra

Love After Lockup: Terra Makes a Promise

Last week on WE tv Love After Lockup, John Miller had to tell sister-in-law, Terra, to leave his house. Kristianna Roth is getting out of jail, and one of the conditions of her release is she can’t be around anyone with pending charges. That means sister Terra can’t stay at John’s house once his wife comes home. John tells Terra if she comes back, he’ll tell her to leave. Terra promises that it won’t be long before she’s back.

Finally, Shawn Osborne wants answers from Destinie Folsom and promises to get them before he leaves. But, Destinie says he has “no idea.” Lately, Destinie’s been avoiding Shawn, who wants to know where he stands with her. He also wants to protect the 50k he put up for her bail. Love After Lockup’s Destinie is dodging him and tells him it’s none of his business what she’s doing while driving off in a car he loaned her.

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