‘Love After Lockup’: Amber Eggers Has a Secret Lover

Love After Lockup revealed Amber Eggers has a lover on the side, and it’s not who you think. Amber confesses to her mother that she’s seeing an old boyfriend again. Amber’s mother thinks he’s going to hold her back. Will Amber’s relationship survive this indiscretion?

Love After Lockup: Amber Eggers’ Old Flame

Amber Eggers brings her mother for a visit. On the ride home, she confesses she’s seeing someone else. Love After Lockup’s Amber Eggers says she and her old flame Sammy were together for four years. They had a bad breakup and spent 10 years not talking. Now they’re back in touch. She acknowledges how bad they were for each other then but told her mother that he’s everything she needs now.

Mom doesn’t see it and says Sammy is in prison, so Amber can’t know how he really is. They’re only writing letters and talking on the phone. She thinks Amber can’t really know if Sammy has changed for the better or not. On the good side, from Amber’s point of view, he doesn’t have a problem with her seeing her WEtv Love After Lockup girlfriend Puppy.

Amber tells Love After Lockup viewers she feels too much pressure to commit to a relationship with her girlfriend. Amber says she feels guilty for not telling her about the guy on the side, but Puppy is fragile, and she doesn’t want to cause her to backslide.

Love After Lockup: Puppy

Puppy Resists Living a Normal Life

Puppy is working part-time cleaning rental properties. She’s working for an old prison buddy named Queen. She admits to Queen that she and Amber are having problems. She thinks Amber is repulsed by her now that they are out of prison, and she says she feels like an outcast to her Love After Lockup girlfriend.

Puppy says working a regular schedule is a struggle for her. She likes to have a good time, enjoy life, and work cramps her style. She says she also takes advantage of things she shouldn’t, as she pulls several liquor bottles out of the cabinet of the house she’s cleaning. Fans of Love After Lockup have been wondering if Puppy is drinking or using drugs due to all the changes they notice between episodes.

Fans noticed how much weight Puppy has lost and how her face has slimmed down. Viewers of Love After Lockup also mention the hard time she’s having adjusting to life outside prison. They say she seems depressed and not her usual self. The former felon confesses she’s having a hard time being a productive member of society. She admits she doesn’t like to be so uptight about life.

Love After Lockup: Vince Gonzalez - Amber Eggers - Puppy

Amber Eggers and Puppy Make a Plan to Deal with Vince

Aside from Amber Eggers’ new guy Sammy, the girls still have business to take care of with Vince Gonzalez, who did an adult adoption on Puppy. The deal was if she’d agree to be adopted, he’d split the extra money he got from the military with both of them. But the Love After Lockup girls say they never got any money from him.

The women consulted a lawyer to check out their options. She and Amber Eggers got a good laugh out of saying they should just bump him off because Puppy is also Vince’s heir. Later, she confessed to having thoughts of doing something to Vince so she could inherit. Amber said she doesn’t want to risk her freedom for any illegal schemes with her Love After Lockup partner.

Will Amber Eggers and her girlfriend get retribution from Vince? Will Amber keep her relationship with Sammy a secret? Can Puppy hold down a job without doing something she shouldn’t? Watch WEtv and Love After Lockup to find out.

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