‘Love After Lockup’: Amber Eggers Loses Major Weight – Check Out Her Before and After

Love After Lockup cast member Amber Eggers has been a target all season among WE tv viewers. There has been a lot of back and forth when it comes to her and her relationship with military man Vincent. With the new season coming to a close, Amber took to social media to show off her dramatic weight loss – and fire back at her haters. What did she reveal?

Love After Lockup: Amber Eggers Shows Off Shocking Weight Loss

Vincent is a military man. And, from the very beginning, he told WE tv cameras he likes to keep himself in shape. It looks like Amber Eggers took a page out of his book. She recently took to Instagram to show off her new figure. It’s clear she slimmed down since her time filming for Love After Lockup. In addition, she pointed out that this is how she looks with “Zero filters”.

Amber Eggers gets a lot of flak from Love After Lockup fans for a number of reasons. And, one of those reasons is her appearance. She clapped back at her haters and said this new pic was for all the people that called her a “busted can of biscuits”. Amber Eggers didn’t end her update there. She made sure to let her followers know she isn’t letting the hate and negativity get to her.

Love After Lockup: Amber Eggers - Instagram

Love After Lockup Star Claps Back at Her Critics

There has been a lot of criticism following Amber Eggers all season long. From the beginning, one of the claims right off the bat was that she used Vincent as someone to lean on when she got out of prison. There’s also the fact that most Love After Lockup watchers don’t believe she’s into men at all. When she shared that “awkward” first kiss with Vincent, she said it’d been four years since she kissed a man.

But, she seems to be casting all of that aside and moving on with her life for the better. She said her history is full of bad choices. Amber hinted that she’s in the middle of a “major comeback”. She also said she found “freedom”, “peace”, and a “savior that restored everything”. No matter what happens next for the Love After Lockup celeb, she seems to be in a good place. And, she seems to be happy with that.

Love After Lockup: Amber Eggers - Instagram

Are Amber Eggers and Vincent Still Together?

Amber Eggers said in a recent Love After Lockup episode that she needed time to “process” everything she was dealing with so soon out of prison. Meanwhile, there’s a good chance her heart still belongs to Puppy – the woman she was with in prison. She told WE tv cameras that they’re “BFF’s”. But, there definitely seems to be more there.

Amber said she needed some time to figure out whether or not she still wants Vincent in her life. And, whatever chemistry they had when she was behind bars seems to have faded once she got out.

Outside of WE tv updates, Amber Eggers doesn’t have much of Vincent on her IG. With the Love After Lockup season wrapping up, that could be a strategic move to keep things under wraps. But, whether or not Amber and Vincent are still together, she’s certainly doing a lot to move in a positive direction in her life. And, it’ll be interesting to see what she does next.

Catch the next episode of Love After Lockup, Friday night on WE tv.

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