‘Love After Lockup’: Vincent Finds a New Lady Love – Is He Over Amber Eggers for Good?

Love After Lockup pair Vincent and Amber Eggers have had a complicated relationship on the WE tv show. With Amber’s lack of affection and the reveal that she plotted with her prison pal Puppy and her mother to scam him, many viewers want to know what happens next for the duo. It looks like Vincent has a new love interest in his life. What do we know so far?

Love After Lockup: Vincent Gets Cozy with a New Love

Pics making the rounds online show Love After Lockup cast member Vincent getting close with another woman that’s clearly not Amber Eggers. Relationship statuses are usually kept close to the vest until after a season wraps. But, it appears Vincent has clearly moved on from Amber. Right now, it’s not clear who this new mystery woman is. And, there is speculation among WE tv watchers regarding her identity.

The snaps show Vincent locking lips with his new gal pal. And, he seems genuinely happy to be in her company. One of the main things he talked about on Love After Lockup with Amber Eggers was the lack of intimacy. He did a lot for Amber on the show. But, even the kiss they shared was “awkward”. He definitely seems much more comfortable with this new woman.

Love After Lockup: Vincent - Instagram

Love After Lockup: Amber Eggers Done with Vincent?

It looks like Amber Eggers moved on from her time with Vincent as well. It doesn’t look like she has another new love in her life yet. But, Amber has been keeping herself busy with other things. She recently debuted a new body on Instagram. And, it looks like she dropped a significant amount of weight since her time in front of WE tv cameras. And, it seems Amber is enjoying life since filming Love After Lockup.

Along with life updates, Amber Eggers often posts inspirational memes and talks about her journey getting to where she is. She still has the occasional hater that rails against her for what she did to Vincent. But, for the most part her Love After Lockup followers are supportive of her. Either way, it appears Amber put her past with Vincent behind her.

What Happens Now?

The season finale of Love After Lockup is a two-hour event. And, it promises to tie up any loose ends from the current season. And, even though the pair don’t have a happy ending in the end, it’ll be interesting to see how their story wraps – along with what WE tv cameras caught.

Currently, there’s a mystery surrounding the identity of Vincent’s new lady love. Some Love After Lockup watchers think she could be fellow military. Right now it isn’t clear how they met. But, based on the pics of them together, they seem genuinely happy. Many WE tv watchers are glad Vincent found someone that seems to reciprocate his affection. Where that goes from here will definitely be something to keep an eye on.

See the Love After Lockup season finale on We tv, Friday night.

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