‘Life After Lockup’: Clint’s Catfishing Behind Tracie’s Back – Michael Violates Probation – ‘Trials and Tribulations’ Recap

Life After Lockup delivered on all fronts this week. Like a baby mama about to be induced. Speaking of which – Sarah Simmons is about to give birth to daughter number two with convict lover Michael Simmons. Speaking of that felon – he’s foolishly hauling down the highway in a rundown car in the snow with his ankle bracelet pinging away. He missed Aviana coming out the womb so no tether or angry mama is gonna stop him now.

Besides, his side chick Megan pulled some “hoe -as* sh*t” and kissed his homie Roc! Brittany and her hubby Marcelino Santiago attend her prison bestie Sascha Williams’ sentencing. And Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman pop bottles and head to Sin City. But Clint’s got a secret. Oh and Scott Davey’s junk makes a blurry cameo. Now, let’s spill the tea on season 2 episode 19 “Trials and Tribulations”.

Michael Goes off on Megan on Life After Lockup

Megan copped to kissing Michael’s homie Roc after he got sent back to jail for violating probation. And who could blame home girl? This dude strung you along, took your V card in a cheesy Niagara Falls hotel and straight up lied that he was married and just fresh from knocking up his obulatin’ wife. Now, he’s tripping because you sent a few pics and shared a little kiss? I mean you could’ve picked a dude who wasn’t his friend – but seriously?

On Life After Lockup, Michael calls up his friend to see what’s at the bottom of this hoe a*s sh*t. And calls Megan a snake. Roc isn’t admitting anything other than some flirting. We see a clip of Meg and Roc together. Megan came back from Niagara a changed woman. She’s really giving a bro the eye. Michael is pissed and tells her to go. He suddenly remembers that his wife is about to give birth to his second child.

Michael stomps around in the snow sucking on a cig and calls Sarah. She finally answers and admits she’d like him to be there. There’s just one problem. Michael’s got an ankle bracelet and no approval from his PO. But he’s gonna chance it. This does not go over well with his mama. Who straight up tells him not to go and be smart for once. But Michael doesn’t disappoint. He climbs into the car and pings all the way down the road. Hang on, Sarah!

Brittany’s Pal Sascha Gets Sentenced on Life After Lockup

Brittany and Marcelino Santiago have had quite the year. They got married, had a baby, bought a house and even got a dog. But it’s not “Modern Family” just yet. Brittany spent a lot of time in prison. So, her friends aren’t really like sorority girls from college. This makes Marcelino nervous. Because Brittany is taking a risk hanging out with them. Brittany is worried sick about best friend Sascha William’s sentencing.

On Life After Lockup, Marcelino agrees to go to court with Brittany for Sascha’s sentencing. She was an accomplice in a robbery gone wrong that ended with two people dead. Sascha makes a tearful plea to the judge. She is in school and turning her life around. But the judge feels otherwise. Had it not been for her involvement in the robbery (she was trying to get a TV back from an ex), two people wouldn’t be dead. Sascha sadly gets sentenced to 10 years in prison. Brittany sobs out loud.

Scott Davey’s Got A Surprise For Lizzie Kommes

On Life After Lockup, everyone’s favorite prison-pie-making, born again virgin hustler Lizzie Kommes surprised Scott Davey with an impromptu visit. After slapping him across the face, she asks him to go on a date. Scott is head-over-heels for Lizzie. So, of course he says yes. Lizzie plans a beach picnic and rolls up to Scott’s house. She’s miffed that he’s not beach-ready. So he goes to change. Lizzie gets impatient and Scott teases that he’s got a surprise…..

And there it is, the moment LAL fans have waited for. Scott throws caution and everything else to the wind and walks out with nothing but a baby picture over his junk. Huh? While viewers collectively hurl, Lizzie laughs. Remember Lizzie hasn’t given up that 90 thousand dollar cookie yet. Maybe he thought she wouldn’t be able to resist. But who covers their junk with a baby picture? So it’s off to the beach for these two crazy kids – both convicted druggies

On Life After Lockup, it seems Lizzie is upset that Scott’s friend Charlene is living with him. While Scott swears that he has never had a physical relationship with her, Lizzie’s not convinced. Later, the two cozy up on the beach and Scott produces a small black jewelry box. Then, Lizzie starts to freak out and asks what it is. Of course WE tv leaves us hanging as to what’s in the box. Scott’s already proposed once, so who knows. Maybe it’s like that Justin Timberlake/Adam Samberg song… remember what they had in their box?

Tracie Wagaman’s A Free Woman – Clint Brady Gone Catfishin’

Tracie Wagaman has less than an hour to go till she’s off parole. She’s kept it together and even met Clint’s mom, Alice Brady. Who warned the ex crackhead of the dangers of drugs. Okay, Mrs Brady. Tracie’s way past the point of your “After School Special” style threats over croissants and rolled-up deli meats. Speaking of meat – Clint stops by his pop’s butcher shop to pick up his paycheck, and get a load off his chest.

On Life After Lockup, Clint’s got a confession to make. So, tt seems that a mystery woman reached out to him online. And Clint Brady’s been taking the catfish bait. He’s never met her. But it weighs on him. He asks his dad how him and his mom have managed to weather tough times in their marriage. Although one can’t help but think that stolen rental cars and mother f-in crack probably weren’t among their problems. His dad tells him to stop talking to the online chick. Sigh.

Later, Clint Brady and runway bride Tracie Wagaman celebrate her new status as a free woman. Then, they pop a bottle of champagne outside the airport and toast to their train wreck of a relationship. But, Clint’s not going to come clean about his internet side piece. He’s afraid Tracie Wagaman would go off the rails. So, he just has the recovering addict drink in a parking lot instead. Oh yeah, this can’t miss.

Lamar Jackson Gets Creative On Life After Lockup

Lamar Jackson pisses off Andrea Edwards bad. First, he bailed on her and the kids after decorating the Christmas tree. And now he shows up with gas station flowers. And something else. He fashioned some mistletoe out of scraps in hopes of fixing things with Andrea. While it certainly made her smile, she also says it bears no resemblance to the leafy Christmas plant. And says it looks like “ghetto toe”.

Later on Life After Lockup ex gang banger and romantic Lamar takes her to his old hood. Later, they go through a car wash which brings back memories of their first make out sesh after Lamar got sprung. They remember covering the cameras and getting busy to the swish and suds. Andrea tells producers her goal is to get Lamar to move to Utah with her. You know what they say… You can take the boy outta the hood…..Till next time LAL peeps.

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