‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Did Tracie Wagaman Relapse?

Life After Lockup spoilers showcase tense moments for Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady. Tracie is still reeling from Clint’s mom not wanting to meet her. When Clint’s mom, Alice Brady, rejected Tracie, it really took a toll on the former inmate. Clint Brady has his family but Tracie feels like she has no one. In the previous episode, she admitted that her mind wasn’t in the right place. Did all of this buildup lead the Love After Lockup alum, Tracie Wagaman, to relapse?

Life After Lockup: Clint Brady Confronts Tracie Wagaman – Did Tracie Wagaman Relapse?

In the last episode, Tracie Wagaman admitted she used drugs and other substances to cope with negative feelings. But, nearing the end of her parole, she has none of those things to rely on. As a result, she said she felt the weight of everything. Every negative emotion seemed to take its toll on her. She stopped at a bar on the way home and ordered a tequila and coke. Did she relapse?

Life After Lockup spoilers show Clint Brady confronting Tracie Wagaman in their home. The previous episode ended on a cliffhanger with Tracie at the bar. Meanwhile, Clint Brady tried to convince his dad to convince his mom to meet his Love After Lockup goddess. Tracie admits that she “almost” had a relapse at the bar. She claims she didn’t partake in the drink she ordered.

Life After Lockup: Does Tracie Break Old Habits?

Tracie Wagaman admits in the Life After Lockup preview that using was her coping mechanism. Whenever things got rough or life threw her a curve ball, she would use to ease the pain and stress. She admits she’s not “thirsty” for alcohol anymore. Even though Tracie Wagaman reached a huge milestone in terms of not going back to old habits, the confrontation with Clint Brady brings up some serious issues for the pair.

In the Life After Lockup teaser clip, Clint Brady asks his goddess why she didn’t try to reach him. It seems his judgment was one of the reasons she didn’t call him when she was in crisis. Tracie says all her hubby does is “b****” and “gripe” whenever she reaches out to him for help. When it comes to staying on the straight and narrow, it seems everything she does is wrong in Clint’s eyes.

Clint Brady has been on Tracie Wagaman about staying clean this close to being off parole. She says she hasn’t been off parole in nearly 10 years. A lot of past baggage seems to come to the surface with Tracie nearing the end of her parole.

What’s Next for Clint Brady and Wife?

There are still a number of issues for the Love After Lockup couple to iron out in the current season of Life After Lockup. Will the former inmate successfully get off parole? Will Clint’s mom decide to have a face to face meeting? These are just a few unanswered questions on the current season of the WE tv spinoff. Be sure to tune in for the latest episode of Life After Lockup Friday night at 9:00 on WE tv.

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