‘Life After Lockup’: What’s Up with Tracie Wagaman’s Hair?

Life After Lockup‘s Tracie Wagaman recently took to Instagram to show off her new look. The WE tv cast member has been somewhat quiet on social media of late. She acknowledged this and apologized to her followers for the lack of updates. In addition, she showed off her new hair as she broke her social media hiatus. What’s the latest on the former inmate and hubby Clint Brady?

Life After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Shows Off New Look

Life After Lockup cast member Tracie Wagaman traded in her blonde locks for a much darker, brunette shade. She showed off her new look on Instagram and many IG users expressed their thoughts on the change. In the new selfie, Tracie is all dolled up. She looks healthy, happy, and seems content with where she’s at in life. The drastic difference isn’t lost on Life After Lockup watchers, either.

Many Life After Lockup followers believe the brunette shade suits Tracie Wagaman. Overall, the feedback is positive for the former inmate. Watchers worried about her dramatic drop in weight since appearing on the most recent season of Love After Lockup with Clint Brady. Based on the newest selfie, it seems Tracie is healthier now. She looks happier, too. She apologized to her followers for not being as active on social media lately.

As It turns out, Tracie Wagaman’s new look was a wig after all. An IG user called it in the comments but got shot down for being insensitive. While most followers liked the darker hair color on Tracie, it looks like it was only temporary. She is back to her usual blonde for now. But, it will be interesting to see if she opts for a different color down the line after this little experiment.

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Hi everyone! Haven’t been on social media for awhile but just wanted to post a quick selfie. Love u all!!!! 💗

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Life After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Asks Followers for Votes – Did Clint Brady Contribute?

In addition to experimenting with the brunette wig, Tracie Wagaman is still looking for fan votes to become the Inked Magazine Cover Girl of 2019. Tracie recently took to IG asking for viewer support to make it to the next round of the competition. It’s unclear at this time if she will make the cut. But, many Life After Lockup followers are voting for the WE tv star. How many votes did Clint Brady cast?

Each cover hopeful has their own profile page with a handful of snaps showing off their ink. Tracie Wagaman describes herself as “Crazy, sexy, & full of spunk”. Certainly, hubby Clint Brady agrees with this description of his goddess.

There’s also a short questionnaire to go along with the bio and photos showing off the ink. In addition to being on the cover of the popular magazine, the winner gets a $25,000 bonus. When asked what she would do with the money if she won, Tracie Wagaman said she wants to use the prize money for a downpayment on a house.

Tracie and Clint Brady Now

Certainly, it looks like Tracie Wagaman wants to put her criminal past behind her with Clint Brady in tow. On Life After Lockup, Clint Brady worried about his goddess violating her parole. She has been in and out of prison for a number of years now. It definitely seems like the pair want to build a life together. And, winning the magazine competition and the prize money would certainly go a long way toward achieving that goal.

Catch an all-new episode of Life After Lockup Friday night on WE tv.

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