‘Life After Lockup’: Clint Brady’s Mom Gives Tough Love – Does She Accept Tracie?

Life After Lockup watchers want to know more about Alice Brady, Clint Brady‘s mother, after the most recent episode of the WE tv show. Clint’s mother is very protective of her son. And, has been against his pairing with Tracie Wagaman from the beginning.

Clint said if his parents don’t accept her, it’d crush his goddess. In addition, Clint went to great lengths to make sure Tracie was adequately dressed for the big brunch sit-down. What else do we know about Clint’s mom?

Life After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman On Wrong Foot with Alice Brady

Right from the jump, things get off on the wrong foot between Tracie Wagaman and Alice Brady. Things were already tense leading up to this face to face meeting. But, things got even worse when Clint and his goddess showed up to his mom’s house over an hour late for brunch. Certainly, this isn’t the ideal situation to make a good first impression.

Alice Brady said her feelings were hurt by their late arrival. In addition, her husband went back to work because the pair ran late. Clint’s parents run their own business and Clint works for them. There’s definitely a no nonsense air about them, and it seemed you could cut the tension in the room with a knife as soon as Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman walked in on Life After Lockup.

Life After Lockup: The Hard Truth from Clint Brady’s Mom

Alice Brady pulled no punches when it came to the brunch meeting with Tracie Wagaman. Clint Brady said he wanted to live happily ever after with his goddess. But, his mom said that stuff only happens in fairy tales. Even though Alice Brady appeared to lay it on thick, it’s clear she said those things out of love. Certainly, she wants the best for her son and his wife.

She broke down in tears as she talked about her hate for “hardcore drugs”. Love After Lockup viewers remember Clint Brady called his mom when Tracie Wagaman bailed on him after they married. One of the most important takeaways from that meeting is that Tracie Wagaman has to prove herself to Alice Brady. While she extended the olive branch, it’ll be up to Tracie to show up and win Clint’s mom over on Life After Lockup.

Alice Brady Defends Her Son

Despite her hard-nosed, tough love approach, Alice Brady seems to come from a genuine place of love. It’s clear she wants what’s best for her son. Clint Brady and his convict-lover Tracie Wagaman are a popular target online among Life After Lockup followers. She clapped back against the negativity on Facebook. And, she added she prays for her son and Tracie Wagaman every day.

Interestingly, when Clint Brady lost his old hotel job, he went to work for his parents at their store. So, even if they may not be fans of his choice of life partners, it seems his parents have his back and want what’s best for him. Still, the teaser clips show tense moments for all involved where Clint’s parents are concerned. Be sure to catch all-new episodes Friday night on WE tv.

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