‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Lizzie’s Slap-Happy and Scott Strips Down on the Spinoff Starting Friday

Life After Lockup premieres Friday June 14 on WE tv. Season 2 hot messes Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes return. So do Clint Brady and his goddess Tracie Wagaman. Fans of season 1 Love After Lockup will get to catch up with Andrea Edwards and LaMar Jackson too. Also back are Brittany and Marcelino Santiago — and terrible triangle, Megan, Michael, and Sarah Simmons. The spinoff of the runaway hit checks in with your favorite couples from the original show. The new TLC program follows couples as they adjust in the real world after getting out of prison and meeting up with their romantic partners on the other side of the bars months after their reunion. Take a peek.

Lizzie Slaps Scott in New Love After Lockup Spinoff

Fan favorites Scott Davey and prison bae Lizzie Kommes return on Life After Lockup. The couple first debuted in season 1. It’s been a real rollercoaster ride watching their romance implode. But is it really over? Fans remember Scott retching on the roadside in season one. He was devastated that Lizzie wasn’t released. The two met on Meet An Inmate’s website. It’s a prison pen pal site. Certainly Scott was sending her more than letters. Season 2 revealed Scott Davey sent Lizzie upwards of $90k. That left him broke.

In season two of Love After Lockup, Scott finally met his prison princess. Lizzie Kommes bounded out of jail and knocked the smitten trucker toothless. Lizzie has a daughter, Jazmyne. After a decade, they too were reunited that day. From there it just got messier by the minute. Jazmyne didn’t trust or like Scott. Lizzie found religion, and declared herself a born again virgin. Hence, no sex for Scott. He bought her a car and proposed. But by season’s end, the two broke up. That left Scott Davey broke and in tears.

In a preview for the new show, Life After Lockup, there’s more drama in store. We see Lizzie admit she might still have feelings for Scott. And paying a visit to his house where another woman opens the door. Daughter Jazmyne questions her about why she’s still talking to Scott. A teaser shows Scott Davey walking into a room naked covering his junk. And Lizzie Kommes slapping him across the face for cheating. Certainly it will be interesting as always with these two.

Life After Lockup: OG LaMar Jackson Says Andrea Edwards Holds Him Hostage

On the spinoff, we get a glimpse into the lives of couples who first appeared on Love After Lockup. One couple returning from season 1 is Andrea Edwards and hubby LaMar Jackson. Andrea met LaMar by writing him letters through a church program. The devout Mormon waited six years for the aspiring rapper and reformed gangster to get out. LaMar served 18 years for armed robbery. Moreover, Andrea Edwards hid the relationship from her friends and family. Certainly the transition from pen pals to husband and wife hasn’t been easy.

The couple got married. Plus, Andrea and the kids moved to LA since LaMar Jackson couldn’t parole in Utah. The kids were scared of his past. Later, LaMar Jackson was arrested again. Because he hung out with a former gang pal who had a gun on him — and a stripper in the back seat. Andrea Edwards tearfully told friends she was living alone in the hood with her friends. Now, it seems LaMar is free again. In the new spinoff, LaMar claims Andrea is holding him hostage in Utah. Be sure to watch to find out what’s up with this unlikely couple.

Catching Up With Clint and Goddess/Wife Tracie on Life After Lockup

Also on Life After Lockup, we catch up with Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman. The LAL world rooted for Clint when Tracie up and left on their wedding night. With his cash and rental car to score some crack. Fans will never forget Clint crying to his mama “It’s the mother f*cking crack!” Finally Clint caught up with his crack-happy runaway bride – after she was arrested. Tracie went back to prison on a probation violation. A few months later, the system cut her loose. Viewers were shocked to see an emaciated-looking Tracie waiting on the side of the highway for Clint.

Since then, the couple stayed together. In the first look at the new show, we see Tracie is a couple days from getting off parole. She’s loving the simple life with Clint. But, Clint’s mom still won’t accept her. Tracie admits she’s ashamed of what she did to Clint on their wedding night. Tracie wants to head to Vegas with Clint as soon as the ink is dry on the parole papers. First, she wants to make it right with Clint’s mom, though. Tune into Life After Lockup on WE tv to see what happens next.

Brittany And Marcelino – It’s a Matter of Trust

On Life After Lockup, Brittany and Marcelino Santiago return. Their story has it all. A prison romance, ex girlfriend drama (Brittany’s), custody wars and a brand new baby girl. And even a puppy. The Las Vegas couple admit they are still in the honeymoon phase. This in spite of having been through a lot since their wedding. When Brittany first got out, things were a bit rocky. She had an ex girlfriend, Amanda in prison. When Amanda got out they spent time together behind Marcelino Santiago’s back.

Brittany eventually came clean. But Life After Lockup spoilers show Marcelino clearly still has trust issues. In the sneak peek, Brittany drinks with Amanda who’s about to get off parole. So, Marcelino fears she could relapse back into her old ways. Brittany says this is ridiculous. That’s she would never jeopardize what they have. Especially since they have new baby daughter Zoila and she’s finally with her son Giovanni. The couple returned to the spinoff because they feel they have a beautiful story to tell.

Three’s Definitely a Crowd on LAL – Michael, Megan And Sarah

Life After Lock Up spoilers show Megan is still very much in the picture. This love triangle exploded last season on Love After Lockup. Michael Simmons played both women. And proposed to Megan. Even though he had already married baby mama Sarah Simmons while in prison. On a secret trip to Niagara Falls, Michael took Megan’s v-card. And the felon also stole her heart. After some detective work, Sarah found out about Megan. And things only got crazier from there.

Megan and Sarah had a face off. Of course it didn’t go well. Sarah informed Meghan that she was pregnant with Michael’s second child. And that they are already married. Megan of course is devastated and says she’s through. Meanwhile, Michael was picked up for violating parole and was safely avoiding both women, back behind bars. Then, the women engaged in a social media war. LAL spoilers show Megan telling a friend that she still loves Michael and will visit him soon once he’s out. She also says she’s got a secret of her own to spill.

This all starts Friday night – June 14 on WE tv as Lizzie Kommes gets physical and Scott Davey drops his pants.

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