‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzie Kommes Suing Scott Davey?

Love After Lockup’s Lizzie Kommes is supposedly suing Scott Davey saying that he owes her money. She denies this saying she has no reason to sue him. However, Scott claims he received a call from her lawyer and that this is legitimate. Furthermore, he says Lizzie did an interview in which she laughs about what she did to Scott Davey saying that he deserves it. There’s a lot of chatter going on on social media about this. Certainly, LAL fans have a lot to say about the situation.

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Love After Lockup: Once The Money Ran Out So Did Lizzie

As seen on LAL, Lizzie Kommes breaks up with Scott Davey almost immediately after finding out that all the money is gone. She wasn’t very understanding or sympathetic to his situation. Her reaction seems cold and unfeeling on the Love After Lockup final episode.

Lizzie Kommes flat out says that if Scott Davey doesn’t have any money then she doesn’t need him on Love After Lockup. However, after that, she says it’s not about the money. She claimed to be leaving him because he lied about the cash being gone.

LAL: Scott Davey Devastated

On Love After Lockup in the finale, Scott realized he had to come clean with Lizzie about being in debt. Certainly, he was nervous to tell her that the money had run out because he thought she would leave him, and he was right. But, he had to fess up after she spent two thousand on a shopping spree with a friend. He couldn’t let her go on thinking that he could still support her on LAL.

Of course, this shocked Lizzie Kommes and she ended their engagement. Scott Davey took it very hard and wanted to go home immediately. His emotional reaction made it clear that he cared for Lizzie very much.


Scott’s New Lady Friend

On the season finale of Love After Lockup, Scott Davey revealed that he is seeing a new woman named Jasmine. They met in a gas station where he offered her a bicycle. He likes that Jasmine isn’t obsessed with money and they hit it off right away.

The new couple seems to have a good thing going. Also, Scott Davey made it clear that it’s nothing physical at the moment. They are just enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other.

Lizzie Kommes admits to not being happy that he found someone else so fast. Later, she says that she thinks Scott started seeing Jasmine while they were still together.

Lizzie Kommes Jealous Of Scott And Jasmine

If Lizzie is going after Scott for money there’s a possibility that it is because he is with someone new. Lizzie claims Scott Davey cheated on her with his new girlfriend Jasmine. She says they reconciled and were still together before the Love After Lockup finale.

It caught Lizzie off guard that he was seeing someone new and she was upset that he didn’t tell her himself. Although, she claims it’s just like Scott to lie. So, it’s not certain, but there’s a chance Lizzie Kommes could be doing this just to get back at him for blindsiding her about Jasmine.

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