‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzie Dumps Broke Scott – Blames God

Love After Lockup duo Lizzie and Scott are done – if a recent leaked message is true. LAL fans speculated from the start that Lizzie is only with Scott for his money. On the current season of the WE TV show, Scott admitted to being broke and in debt.

He was also worried that he was just another trick to her. The question was whether or not Lizzie would stay with Scott if his money ran out. Based on these leaked DMs, it seems viewers have the answer. And it’s a resounding “no”!

Love After Lockup: Leak Says Lizzie Dumps Scott

Leaked direct messages from Instagram suggest Scott and his ex-convict Lizzie are finally over. Lizzie claimed that she wasn’t going to have sex with him because she’s a born-again virgin. It seems she is using another religious angle to end things with Scott. The leaked messages allegedly from LAL‘s Lizzie explain that “money is the root to all evil”. She claims that she came to this conclusion after having a long talk with God.

Interestingly, Lizzie had no issues taking over $90k from Scott over the course of their relationship which she openly admits she used to buy drugs in prison. She even admitted to exploiting other “tricks” for money while she was behind bars. So, is she using money and her faith as a legitimate reason to break things off with him or is it just an excuse? The real issue may be that Scott is now broke so she’s not up for more Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Scott - Lizzie Instagram

Love After Lockup: Scott Played from the Start?

A popular topic among Love After Lockup fans is that Scott is just another trick to Lizzie. She ran up a tab on him a number of times since her release. This is in addition to all the money he spent on her when she was locked up. It’s interesting that she blames money for their relationship issues after she did a number on Scott’s finances. Is she finally leaving him now that he’s broke?

Lizzie wrote that Scott used money to buy her love. She also pointed to the fact that Scott held it over her head. Lizzie claims that he doesn’t care about her and she’s just an “obsession.” Lizzie ended her message with: “I’m sorry but I have to go remember when you actually find love it’s not an obsession you’ll actually feel it”. This conflicts with a recent Instagram live where the LAL ex-con insisted they are still together but are living separately – him in California and her in Wisconsin.

Love After Lockup Breakup Prompted By Cheating?

The timing of this is also worth noting. Scott was in the hot seat recently for allegedly cheating on Lizzie with another woman. He claimed he had a “stocker” (we assume he means stalker). Perhaps this was another incident that prompted Lizzie to cut ties with her LAL fiancé.

On the other hand, it could be that Lizzie used Scott to get a leg-up after leaving prison. Maybe, she doesn’t need him anymore. Love After Lockup viewers recently saw the truck driver get down on one knee, propose, and buy her a car. Yet, it’s looking more like there won’t be wedding bells in their future.

Either way, it appears her daughter Jazmyne will get what she wanted from the beginning – him out of the picture and her mother all to herself. If this leaked text is legit, Scott is in debt and didn’t get the girl. Catch new episodes of LAL Fridays at 9:00 pm only on WE TV.

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