‘Life After Lockup’: Maria Disrespects Sarah Simmons in Deleted Instagram Post – See Pic

Life After Lockup‘s Maria (Michael Simmons’ latest love interest) fired shots at Sarah Simmons and disrespected her online. And, many WEtv fans called her out for it. Both women compete for Michael’s attention on this season of the show. And, Maria threw the most recent shade. What’s the latest?

Life After Lockup: Maria Throws Sarah Simmons Under the Bus

Maria and Sarah Simmons vie for Michael Simmons’ attention on the current season of Life After Lockup. Michael brought her with him to New York to see his kids. And, even though Sarah Simmons says she’s over her ex, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. And, she still refers to him as “my man”.

Based on the latest tea online, it looks like that beef is still going strong. In a now-deleted post, Maria shared a snap in bed snuggling up with Michael Simmons’ youngest daughter. In addition, she threw shade at Sarah and fired shots at the young mother of two.

She tagged her in the post and told her to stop “playing roles”. She went in even more and said she doesn’t “deserve those girls”. In addition, she went on to call her a “disappointment”. And, she said she hopes Michael’s kids don’t follow in Sarah Simmons’ footsteps.

Life After Lockup: Maria



LALU: Both Women Still at Odds?

Sarah Simmons and Michael’s current love interest duke it out on the current Life After Lockup. Sarah called him out when she found his phone records and saw he talks to other women. And, things escalated when Michael brought his new woman with him to see his kids. Sarah didn’t want her around her children. And, this only makes Maria’s update worse in the eyes of many Life After Lockup followers.

Michael spent the night with his girls in the most recent installment of the WEtv spinoff. And, Maria confronted him about coming back to the hotel room late. Meanwhile, his ex told producers that she spent the night “vibing” and “laughing” with Michael. And, she still referred to him as her “husband”. So, it’s clear there are lingering feelings there – and Maria doesn’t like it.

Meanwhile, Sarah said on Life After Lockup that she and Michael had sex. Maria comes across as the jealous type. She grilled Michael when he got back to the hotel. But, at the time he said nothing about spending the night with Sarah. So, it’s possible Maria still holds a grudge.

Life After Lockup: Shots Fired – Michael Simmons in the Middle Again?

So far, it looks like Sarah Simmons hasn’t responded to Maria. But, it will be worth watching to see if the claws come out based on what she said. Sarah said on Life After Lockup that she didn’t want Maria around her girls. And, Maria firing shots while snuggled up to Sarah’s youngest daughter rubs a lot of Life After Lockup watchers the wrong way.

Currently, Sarah is busy dropping weight and seems focused on bettering herself. So, it’s possible she may not even respond to what Maria said. But, based on the update, it’s clear there’s still bad blood between the women. And, Michael Simmons may be in the middle of another beef between the ladies in his life if things escalate.

Catch the next episode of Life After Lockup, Friday night on WEtv.

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