‘Life After Lockup’ Angela Not Afraid to Play with Fire – Burning More of Tony’s Things?

Life After Lockup celeb Angela plays with fire this season with Tony. A big part of her storyline so far this season revolves around fighting with Tony about other women and burning his things in her front yard. Despite those dramatic scenes, she said she’s not a “pyromaniac”. What else did she have to say?

Life After Lockup: Things Heat Up for Angela

Angela shared pictures of her front yard with fans. Life After Lockup watchers know that’s where she set fire to Tony’s things following their blowout fight. The lighting in the snap makes it seem like there’s another fire burning in the background. And, Angela commented on that while encouraging viewers to tune in to the next episode of the WEtv show.

Angela wrote “no that is not Tony’s sh** burning in the pic”. The Life After Lockup cast member seemed to have fun with viewers in her post. She added that she only burns things when it’s “warranted”. So, it seems Tony’s things are safe for now.

Life After Lockup: Angela - Instagram

LALU: Tense Moments Between Angela & Tony

Tony is still in the dog house on the current season of Life After Lockup. He wants back in with Angela. But, she is still furious with her Love After Lockup boyfriend over flirting with other women and hanging out at the motel he works at with “prostitutes”. Tony managed to get back in the house for a shower in last week’s episode. But, Angela wanted him out by the time she got back home from work.

Along with getting back in Angela’s good graces, Tony has other motivations behind smoothing things over with her. Tony is legally paroled to her home. So, he has to stay with her. Certainly, it’s possible to get that changed. But, Tony is adamant on Life After Lockup about not doing that. So, it will be interesting to see what else he does to win her back.

Where Are Things Now for Life After Lockup Pair?

Tony may be on the outs with Angela currently on Life After Lockup. But, leaks reveal they walked down the aisle in Mississippi. They filed for a marriage license back in October 2019 and married soon after. In addition, WEtv cameras filmed the ceremony. So, it’s likely Life After Lockup viewers will see that play out later in the season – possibly on the season finale.

Both Angela and Tony keep spoilers and leaks close to the vest online. But, the pair offer handwritten, personalized messages for sale. Angela advertised this on Instagram. And, viewers can purchase items from “Tony and Angela”. So, that may offer insight into where things are currently for the pair.

Typically, when reality couples go through tough times, they often end up doing things like Cameo videos by themselves until they work things out. But, the fact that Tony and lover Angela do this together is certainly a good sign in terms of where things are in their relationship.

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