‘Life After Lockup’ Recap: Angela Lets Tony Hose Off in Her Trailer

Life After Lockup’s trailer dweller Angela Gail lets Tony come in for a much-needed shower after he sleeps in her car. She says “love always wins” but like her sister says “it’s a crock of sh*t”. Michael Simmons moves on from Megan when she gets all up in his “bizzness”. Sarah Simmons moves on kissing a Milli doppelgänger she meets in a bar.

Meanwhile, Brittany Dodd continues calling out her mother. And, Clint Brady returns home but still hasn’t learned a damn thing. Shane Whitlow is happy that Shaun-John is back in prison. And Cheryl Childers and Josh Wyatt’s mom continue to fight over him. Let’s get into this recap like Angela did that beer. Watch LAL Fridays on WE TV at 9 pm.

Love May Win, But Dumb Is Forever on Life After Lockup

It’s a hot humid morning in Mississippi and rancid Tony swats away flies from his makeshift bed in Angela Gail’s car. Angela comes out like a boss in scrubs, glasses, and a tidy bun. She calls him pitiful. He just wants a shower before he returns to the Cheat-Inn. I mean you can’t show up dirty to your pimpin’ job, right? Tony insists she was always on his mind.

But, Angela Gail points out obviously not when he was getting with tricks and bed bugs. On Life After Lockup, Angela agrees to let Tony in to clean up. But he better be gone by five when she gets home. And off she goes leaving a smoke trail out the window of her Camry. Later, Angela’s sister comes over to visit. Angela chugs a cold one and admits he slept in the car last night.

Sis predicts he’ll be on the couch tonight and says Angela’s got on rose-colored glasses. But, it’s more like beer goggles at this point. Angela is still wearing her ring from Tony – looks like a guy’s ring from the Moose club lost and found. She pauses for a smoke ring and suggests that Tony loves her the best way he’s capable. Life After Lockup‘s Angela opines that “love always wins”. Her sister says it’s a crap pile. Ain’t it though?

What’s Love Got To Do With It – Silli Milli Hassles Megan

Michael Simmons and his pal Roc argue outside the no-tell motel about Megan. Michael proves his stellar sensitivity again by saying he never F-d one of Roc’s b*tches and expects the same bro before ho bargain. Milli reflects on their BFF glory days – like when they sold dope and got arrested together. Ahhh… good times. Roc’s got a thing for Megan. So, they head inside to face her on Life After Lockup.

ThenRoc tells Megan to come clean. He says they knocked boots and have some feelings. But, Megan flat-out denies either is true — even to producers. Roc calls her out in front of Milli then storms out. So, Megan asks Michael if he’s talking to other women. He says yes and she warns him to cut that sh*t out if he wants to be with her. Life After Lockup spoiler alert — he WON’T.

Later, Michael explains when he sees a flaw in a girl, he starts to lose interest. And Megan getting up in his phone and trying to cut him off from his cash cows has him feeling some kind of way. So, Life After Lockup shows him chatting up some Miami chick. He promises to head her way – once she sends a plane ticket. He credits Aretha Franklin as he quotes What’s Love Got to Do With It. Umm… that was Tina Turner. Michael’s got a big head, but not a lot going on inside…

Sarah Gets Some Look-Alike Action – Life After Lockup

Next, Sarah Simmons puts on a shiny magician-assistant suit and hits the town with her gal pal. They belly up to the bar talking about how she doesn’t need a man. We’ll see… Then, Sarah says Michael preys on insecure women. Tells them what they want to hear and then they pay his way. Hello Sarah, this is your wake up call. Aren’t you still paying for his phone, car insurance, etc., etc., etc.?

Out of nowhere on Life After Lockup, a nerdy version of Milli slips up beside Sarah at the bar. Where did he come from? That place was whiter than Lamar’s Utah nightmare. Sarah orders shots and he buys. That already puts him ahead of her baby daddy. Her friend compares him to Ludacris. In what world? Later, Sarah sucks face with the extra WE tv hired – and gives him her number. Still better than Silli Milli, all in all.

Cheryl and Josh’s Mom Fight – He Thinks They’re the Same Person

Cheryl Childers moves in with Josh Hyatt and his mommy Tina – and brought one of her kids along. The other two are left as an afterthought with her parents. Her car breaks down – then she does too. So, she needs Josh to come get her on Life After Lockup. But only after he suggests she hoof it with her three-year-old on her hip.

On Life After Lockup, Josh asks mommy dearest if they can go pick her up. Josh’s mom agrees while secretly hoping vultures get Cheryl’s bony a** first. The car ride is tense and Tina tells them they’ve got three days before she kicks them to the curb. Josh says Cheryl’s been loyal to him for so long. Translation: She gave him 30 grand and post-prison blanket sex.

Then, things get worse. Mama Tina lays out ground rules and baits Cheryl. Of course, she argues back while Josh smiles. He says they hate each other because they’re so much alike. So, Josh admits he’s got mommy issues? And, he seems to enjoy them fighting over him. So, if this whole thing wasn’t creepy enough, it just got way worse on Life After Lockup.

Clint Brady Has Bad News About Tracie Wagaman

On Life After Lockup, Clint drags his sorry a*s back to his mama’s house. Mother Alice Brady opens the door to her unshaven son who’s been sleeping in a car – oh and getting arrested again. The family dog stomps off in disgust. He wants no part of this fool story. And neither should anyone else. Alice’s fresh yellow flowers can’t save the mood. Because, Clint sweeps in with another sad MF crack story.

Alice wants to know where Tracie is. Clint says there’s only two places she’d be if not with him. Dead or in jail. Well, maybe in an alley somewhere. Alice guesses jail. Then, she tries to act like she cares. Come on lady – we know you’re cheering for the dead alternative. She’s worried for her “darling” Clint. Rightly so. He’s been shagging a meth-felon and has dubious sores on his face.

On Life After Lockup, Clint’s dad joins in the fun. Then, Clint says he wants to get Tracie out. After all, she’s his goddess. Yep. His dad starts hitting himself in the head to make a point. Alice sweats as Clint’s gnarly yellow fingertips stain her spotless countertop. Looks like the dog that bolted off makes better life choices than their son. So, will they bail out their darlin’ daughter-in-law?

Shane And Lacey Make-Up & Sh-ohn’s Arrested on Life After Lockup

Shane Whitlow returns to the new house Lacey bought. Like any guy on a warm night, he cracks a beer on the front porch. Unlike most guys, he’s waiting for his wife to get back from stalking her ex. Lacey rolls up in her sundress with news. Sh-ohn is gone. Shane’s eyes widen. “You mean like dead?” Shane swigs his Natty Lite to hide his disappointment to hear he’s in jail, not the morgue.

Lacey nods. She wanted him to get it together. On Life After Lockup, Shane tells producers he’s glad John’s out-of-the-way. Lacey invites her friend over for TMI. So, talk turns to Lacey and Shane’s name tattoos they got on their naughty bits. Lacey says her name on Shane’s nether region is larger than his name on her. I’ll take things that make you puke for $400, Alex.

Brittany Dishes It Out to Her Mom One Last Time

On Life After Lockup, we learned last week that Brittany Dodd’s childhood was filled with Joe Dirt-like moments. Britt’s trying to mend things now that her mom moved to Las Vegas. Younger sister Nicole’s taking care of Brittany’s mom who’s recovering from a house explosion. Despite the burns, Brittany’s not letting her mama off the hook. But, Marcelino Santiago and Nicole tell her to back off.

Brittany meets her mom in a park and unpacks all her past dirty laundry for Life After Lockup cameras. Especially leaving her at 12 to fend for herself. Then, we hear how tween Brittany’s life unraveled and it’s honestly all so awful. Britt shows her mom the bushes she used to sleep under – young, scared and homeless. The two cry and hug it out and vow to move past this.  Catch LAL Friday nights on WE tv.

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