‘Love After Lockup’: Tony Shows Off Muscular New Body

Love After Lockup‘s Tony (Angela Gail’s ex) recently showed off his all-new physique. Many viewers wonder what he has been up to since he and Angela called it quits. And he showed off his new body in a fun way.

Love After Lockup Update: Tony Shows Off His Muscles

Since throwing in the towel on Love After Lockup, Angela Gail found herself a new man. Like Tony, her new beau is also an inmate. Unfortunately for Angela Gail, her new guy is currently behind bars. Meanwhile, Tony keeps his nose clean. And he seems to do well for himself even after calling it quits with Angela.

On top of that, Tony got into the spirit of Halloween, too. He showed off his abs in a Superman costume. And he even struck a heroic pose in a recent photo. Even with all the drama he went through with Angela, Tony doesn’t take himself too seriously. And it looks like he had fun dressing up as the man of steel.

Love After Lockup: Tony

Love After Lockup: Tony Working on Himself

Tony’s real-life physique isn’t at the superhero level. But, he puts in the work to better himself since his split from Angela Gail. He shared pics flexing at the gym. And many Love After Lockup fans are glad he keeps up with his health and stays in shape.

Pumping iron is one way for inmates to pass the time when they’re behind bars. And even though he has been out of jail for some time, Tony sticks to it. On top of that, it looks like his hard work pays off in a big way. So, it may only be a matter of time before his real-life physique matches his costume.

Love After Lockup: Tony

What to Expect from Angela’s Ex

Tony said on Life After Lockup that he wanted to try again with Angela Gail. Even though she moved on with another man, there always seems to be a chance that the pair might end up back together. They fought and made up several times over the years on Love After Lockup. And with Angela’s current love interest in the clink, some viewers think that opens the door for Tony to make a move.

Meanwhile, it’s also possible Tony hits the gym as a way to show off his new revenge body. Even without Angela Gail in the picture, he seems to stay busy and keep himself out of trouble. He revealed he has a difficult time controlling his impulses – especially with the ladies. But, it looks like he keeps himself on the straight and narrow and hasn’t gotten into any trouble recently.

Moreover, based on this latest Love After Lockup photo from Tony, it seems he wears his Halloween costume to work at a local Mexican restaurant. So, it seems he is hard at work making money, too. Whether or not he and Angela Gail get back together at some point down the line, it looks like he is in a good place.

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