‘Love after Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Confirms She Was Pregnant with Clint Brady’s Baby

Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman confirmed she was pregnant with Clint Brady‘s baby as she continues to fight with Clint’s mom Alice Brady.

The recent drama between Clint’s wife Tracie Wagaman and his mother Alice Brady went down in an online thread. It was in a heated exchange, that it was revealed that Tracie was pregnant and later terminated the pregnancy.

Love After Lockup Update: Tracie Wagaman Ditches Rehab

The Love After Lockup couple, Tracie Wagaman and her husband Clint Brady, found themselves in jail on drug-related charges. Clint was able to get out fast with the help of his parents. However, Tracie had to stay behind bars a little longer. Once she and Clint were both out, Alice Brady was sure that they were both using drugs again. She hoped that the couple would get help.

The Love After Lockup cast member, Tracie Wagaman, did go to rehab to get help. However, she was only in rehab for a day. According to Alice Brady, Tracie left rehab before getting any kind of help. Alice wants her daughter-in-law to stay off the drugs. As for Alice’s son, Clint Brady is trying to stay away from drugs himself.

Love After Lockup News: Tracie Wagaman Confirms Pregnancy

As Soap Dirt reported, Tracie Wagaman was pregnant earlier this year and dropping hints online. She and Clint were posting drawings of themselves with a stork and more. Tracie also shared a picture of her and Clint on Mother’s day and called Clint “daddy.”

Now it appears the Love After Lockup alum terminated her pregnancy. In a comment addressed to Clint’s mom, she wrote that “she knows about the abortion.” Tracie Wagaman said that Alice Brady got what she wanted. She added that the “secret is out.”

Love After Lockup: Alice Brady - Tracie Wagaman Pregnant

Alice Brady Accuses Clint’s Wife Of Putting Drugs Before Baby

Alice Brady wasn’t happy that Tracie Wagaman’s abortion news. She admitted that she “cried by heart out when I found out.” Although, Alice was accused of being involved with the decision to have an abortion. Alice replied saying that “for your information she wanted her drugs more than my grandbaby.” From the very beginning, Alice and her son’s wife didn’t have a good relationship.

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