‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Battles Clint’s Mom Alice after Ditching Rehab

Love After Lockup hot mess pair Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady are at war and his mom Alice Brady‘s in the thick of it. The latest battle played out on social media with Clint’s mom dropping major bombshells about drugs, rehab, and relapses. See what’s happening for this WE tv pair and what mama Brady’s got to say about the situation.

Love After Lockup: Mom Alice Brady Scared Tracie Wagaman’s a Bad Influence on Her Son

As viewers saw on their season of LAL, Alice Brady worried constantly about the influence Tracie Wagaman had over Clint Brady. Because, as many fans know, Clint had addiction issues of his own in the past. This included a couple of arrests and legal issues his parents cleaned up for him.

Naturally, Alice didn’t want Clint with an addict. And when he finally brought Tracie to meet his mom, on Love After Lockup, Alice Brady was blunt with her future daughter-in-law. She expected Tracie Wagaman to stay clean and sober and not drag herself or Clint Brady back into an addiction spiral.

For those that may have missed it, Alice Brady was right to worry. Because, Texas police arrested Love After Lockup‘s Clint and Tracie recently for drug-related charges. His parents got Clint Brady out quickly while Tracie Wagaman remained in jail for a while. Now, both are out and, according to his mom, using again.

Alice Calls Out Clint’s Wife for Ditching Rehab – Says She’s Using Meth Now

In a recent back and forth on social media, Love After Lockup worried parent Alice Brady vented her frustrations on her daughter-in-law. Alice accuses Tracie of leaving rehab the first day that she checked in. She said: “YOU LEFT re-hab BEFORE you got ANY kind of help”. Then added, “you have an addiction of meth!!!”.

Then Clint Brady’s mom raged on saying “first it was crack, and now meth”. His mother reminded Tracie that she supported her efforts to get clean and was stunned when Tracie didn’t even spend one night at the rehab facility. Alice said Love After Lockup star Clint is “trying to do better” but his wife is not.

Then, more came out with Clint Brady going off on wife Tracie Wagaman. He accused her of putting “all the blame on me” and says she won’t take “ANY responsibility for her actions”. Meanwhile, the Love After Lockup husband says he’ll “gladly take responsibility” for his actions.

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Love After Lockup’s Tracie Wagaman Hits Back – Says Clint Brady Doing Drugs Too

The war of words kept going between Love After Lockup co-stars Tracie and Alice. Although Tracie admitted to ditching rehab, she insisted she “might go back”. Tracie Wagaman also complained that Alice blocked her from her phone while Clint is “totally ghosting me”. And she wondered if Clint was in rehab.

Tracie Wagaman also ranted that Clint was “doing drugs with me” then confessed he’d “quit for a while now”. And Tracie even congratulated Clint Brady for stopping drugs and said she was proud of him. But Love After Lockup mama Alice Brady said she knew her son was using then said “he wants to stay quit”.

And Alice told Tracie that Clint wants her to quit too, for “the rest of her life”. Then Alice Brady reiterated that she, Clint, and everyone else just want her to get help. And Alice Brady closed with a plea for Tracie Wagaman and said “you NEED to go back to rehab and try this time”. But will Tracie clean up her act?

Wait to see what happens as we keep you updated on the latest in the sad and painful safe of Tracie Wagaman, Clint Brady, and his obviously worried mother.

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