‘Love After Lockup’: Alexander Bentley Arrested – Faces Multiple Charges

Love After Lockup cast member Alexander Bentley is back behind bars following multiple charges following his breakup with Glorietta. Many Love After Lockup stars run the risk of going back to their life of crime once they’re on the outside. And, it looks like Alexander recently did just that. What’s the latest on his charges?

Love After Lockup News: Alexander Bentley Back in Jail

Love After Lockup celeb Alexander Bentley was picked up on November 5. And, he faces a number of felony charges. He was denied bail initially. But, his new bail amount is set at $120,000. After his split from Glorietta, it seemed like he might turn things around in his life. But, it looks like Alex went back to his old habits. And, as a result, he’s back in jail.

Alexander Bentley has a handful of felony charges against him, according to reports. Some of which include possession of a firearm – along with ammunition, having a controlled substance with the intent to sell and distribute, and a handful of other charges relating to the firearm and controlled substance. There are nine counts in total. And, things don’t look good for the Alex, the WE tv star. Alexander was stopped for having an expired registration before the gun and drugs were found in his possession.

Love After Lockup: Alexander Bentley

Love After Lockup: Alexander Recently Back on the Market

Alexander Bentley’s arrest comes on the heels of him making a surprise announcement. He listed himself as single on Facebook. And, he even put his phone number on his profile for all to see. It seems he’s single and ready to mingle. But, based on these latest charges, Alex may have to put his love plans on hold indefinitely until the many felonies are resolved.

In a now-deleted post, Alexander recently claimed his Love After Lockup lover Glorietta owes a lot of money. And, he also said she is a terrible person that only thinks about herself. But, with his latest arrest and pending charges, it seems he has much bigger things to worry about than his ex. Especially given the fact he was on probation at the time of the arrest.

Love After Lockup: Alexander Bentley - Facebook

What Happens Now?

Currently, it’s unknown what will happen next for Love After Lockup‘s Alexander Bentley. It’s likely he will stay in custody until a hearing. He has a number of felonies against him this go-round. And, given his prior criminal history, he could end up with stiffer penalties. Certainly, there’s a possibility Alex could wind up back in jail depending on how things go from here.

This will certainly be something to keep an eye on for Love After Lockup watchers. Many former felons wind up going back to their old ways and paying the price. And, that certainly seems to be the case for Alexander Bentley. Right now it’s unclear how long he may wind up back behind bars. But, with multiple felonies from this latest arrest, things don’t look good. It’ll be worth keeping an eye on this to see how everything plays out – and what his eventual sentence may turn out to be.

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