‘Love After Lockup’: Glorietta and Alexander – Are They Still Together?

Love After Lockup cast member Glorietta met her fiance Alexander Bentley while he was behind bars. Serving time with one of her cousins. The couple quickly made their relationship official when Alexander proposed to Glorietta behind a glass wall. Glorietta is ready to tie the knot. While Alexander Bentley seems to still have a connection with an ex. With a lot of issues that need to be worked out, will Glorietta and Alexander make it down the aisle? 

Love After Lockup – Glorietta Meets Fiance Through Family 

Glorietta was introduced to Alexander Bentley through someone in her family. Her third cousin and Alexander were incarcerated in the same jail. Glorietta explained on Love After Lockup that Alexander would call and write her often. Even though her cousin told him not to. She admitted that she never perused anything with a convict before.

The Love After Lockup star quickly fell in love with Alexander Bentley. During a visitation, Alexander got on one knee behind the glass and asked Glorietta to marry him. She said yes. Fans watched as Alexander Bentley popped the question again once he was out of jail. This time with a ring.

Alexander Bentley Asks WE tv Star To Change Religions

Despite some differences, Alexander Bentley and Glorietta seem to be the perfect match. However, religion is a major issue between the two. Alexander grew up Catholic. Although, he converted to Islam for a previous partner. While Glorietta is a Catholic. She hoped that Alexander would convert back. But, it seems like he doesn’t see that happening.

The Love After Lockup ex-convict threw out the idea of Glorietta converting to Islam. As seen on the show, Glorietta was firm about not converting. Her faith is important to her. She also wanted to raise their future children as Catholics. This didn’t sit well with Alexander Bentley. However, after a few glasses of wine Glorietta changed her mind. She agreed that they could raise their potential children as Muslims.

Did The Love After Lockup Lovers Split Up?

According to reports, the Love After Lockup reality stars are no longer a couple.  Alexander allegedly took to social media to share an update on their relationship. He claimed that Glorietta owed him a lot of money. He said that she is a terrible person who only thinks about herself. Although, the post has since been deleted. Maybe the duo decided to give things another shot?

On the other hand, Glorietta is giving away no clues about where she and Alexander Bentley stand. Probably because the show is still airing. Yet, she did post a picture of the pair on Instagram earlier this month. She wrote, “couples who play together stay together.” Although, the picture could be old. It is not clear if the Love After Lockup duo is currently still in each other’s life or not. Fans will have to wait and find out how the rest of the season plays out.

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