‘Love After Lockup’: Alexander Bentley is Single and Ready to Mingle – Will He Get Back with Glorietta?

Love After Lockup cast member Alexander Bentley seems to have moved on completely from his time with Glorietta. And now, he’s looking to put himself back on the market. There were a lot of problems with Glorietta – especially when it came to her mother. But now, it looks like Alexander is putting himself back out there. What’s the scoop?

Love After Lockup Update: Alexander Bentley Enjoying the Single Life

It seems Alexander Bentley is single and ready to mingle. And, it looks like he is putting his relationship with Glorietta firmly behind him. On Love After Lockup, Alexander and Glorietta were ready to marry. But, it seems they didn’t end up getting their happy ending after all. There were a number of issues surrounding their relationship. And, it appears there were one too many things to overcome.

Alexander Bentley is back on the market in real-time. His Facebook profile lists him as single. And, he even has his phone number on his profile for all to see. Some Love After Lockup watchers may see that as desperate. But, he seems to be moving full steam ahead in terms of finding another lady love. Who Alexander winds up with next will definitely be something worth keeping an eye on.

Love After Lockup: Alexander Bentley - Facebook

Love After Lockup: Will Alexander Bentley Get Back Together with His Ex?

Love After Lockup viewers saw Alexander Bentley meet up with his ex on a recent episode of the WE tv show. Not only that, he met with her behind Glorietta’s back. They were in the life together. But, his ex is sober and no longer about doing the things they used to do. She told WE tv cameras Alex was the first person from her old life she met up with in a number of years.

It’s clear that Alexander Bentley still had some chemistry with his ex, Juliana, on Love After Lockup. They held hands during much of their coffee date. And, many LAL watchers noticed there’s definitely still a spark between them. She said she isn’t a “runner-up” to anyone. And, that she’s not a “home wrecker”. But, now that Glorietta and Alex are no longer an item, it’ll be interesting to see if they rekindle their old romance.

What Happens Next?

There are still a few installments of Love After Lockup left before this current season wraps. And, Alexander meeting with his ex is something that Glorietta doesn’t know yet. This will likely be a major source of drama. Particularly in light of the fact that Glorietta was trying on wedding dresses while the coffee date was going on.

In a now-deleted post, Alexander Bentley allegedly called Glorietta out because he said she owes a lot of money. He went on to say she is a terrible person that only thinks about herself. Glorietta certainly has expensive tastes. Perhaps that got to be too much for him to handle.

It’s possible WE tv is keeping certain details close to the vest until the current season of Love After Lockup wraps. But, it seems clear that Glorietta and Alexander are no longer an item. If and when they start seeing other people will certainly be something to keep an eye on.

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