‘Love After Lockup’: Glorietta Says Alexander Bentley Will Make Bail – Court Records Show He Won’t

Love After Lockup star Alexander Bentley is in custody following his recent arrest. But, according to Glorietta, he won’t be in custody for much longer as he will making bail soon. But court records show a different story.

Love After Lockup: Alexander Bentley Getting Out On Bail?

Love After Lockup celeb Alexander Bentley’s list of charges is a long one. Alex faces nine counts relating to possession of a firearm, ammunition, and controlled substances – which includes heroin and meth. He was denied bail at first. But, his bail was later put at $120,000. According to his Love After Lockup ex-girlfriend Glorietta, Alexander will be out “very soon” on bail..

Glorietta was asked by a Love After Lockup fan asking when Alexander will be getting out and she said “he will make bail very soon”. Even though Glorietta says she was paying his bail directly, many fans wonder if she will be the one paying for his bail or will it be someone else.

Love After Lockup: Glorietta - Twitter

Why Alex Can’t Get Bailed Out

While Alexander Bentley’s bail was set at $120,000, there is another issue (other than the large amount). The Love After Lockup ex-con has been ruled “Ineligible for Bail” due to the severity of the charges. While the court records don’t list the reason he’s not eligible to get released on bond, it’s most likely because of the firearm charge. Alexander is a convicted felon and was arrested with a firearm. That alone can rule most out of getting released on bail.

Love After Lockup: Alexander Bentley - Criminal Record


Why Glorietta said Alex would be getting released soon on bail is anyone’s guess. The only possible answer is that Alexander may be getting some reduction of charges in the future which will make him eligible for bail.

Love After Lockkup: Are Glorietta and Boyfriend Alexander Still Together?

For the last few weeks, its looked like Alexander Bentley and Glorietta called it quits. He railed against his Love After Lockup partner on social media. Alexander Bentley said that Glorietta owes him money and that she’s a terrible person that only thinks about herself. Alex also listed his status as single on Facebook.

Right now, it’s not clear when Alexander Bentley will be out of jail. Unless charges get reduced, dropped, or he pleads guilty and gets a greatly reduced sentence, Alex is looking a significant jail time.

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