‘Love After Lockup’: Glorietta Spills Dirt on Alexander Bentley – Says His Behavior is ‘All for Show’

Love After Lockup‘s Glorietta recently dished some dirt on Alexander Bentley in a recent interview. Whether or not the pair are still together has been a question among Love After Lockup fans for a few weeks now. And, Glorietta recently spilled tea on Alex. What did she reveal?

Love After Lockup Update: Glorietta Says Alexander Bentley Putting on a Show for the Cameras?

Glorietta was asked which cast member changes the most when the Love After Lockup WE tv cameras roll. Without much hesitation, she said Alexander Bentley changes the most when the cameras are on. Glorietta said he puts on a show because he worries about his “image”. She went on to say that he “might be immature” in that regard. And, she made clear the fact that he’s a few years younger than her.

Meanwhile, Glorietta didn’t stop there. She called Alexander a “different person” when the Love After Lockup cameras are on. In addition, she added that Alex is a completely different person when they’re alone. Glorietta went on to say he puts on an “attitude” when the cameras are on him and acts like he doesn’t care. She said he’s not as affectionate and she thinks he wants to be portrayed as a “big-time player”.

Love After Lockup News: She Talks About His Ex

One of the big storylines for Alexander Bentley and Glorietta recently was him meeting with his former girlfriend behind her back. Alexander had a coffee date with his ex-girlfriend on Love After Lockup while Glorietta tried on wedding dresses. Many viewers wanted to know what Glorietta thought about the whole situation. And, she dished on how she felt.

Glorietta said Alexander Bentley meeting with his ex behind her back on Love After Lockup was “shady business”. And, she added that she would have preferred honesty regarding the entire situation. But, it doesn’t look like she got that in the end from Alex. At the same time, she doesn’t sound entirely bitter about the situation. Perhaps things have healed since then.

Glorietta called the situation “complex”. And, she said while it wasn’t a major issue at the beginning of the season, it turns into one toward the end. Glorietta reveals everything “unfolds” in the end. And, with only one more episode left in the Love After Lockup season, it will be interesting to see what the outcome is.

Are Alexander and Glorietta Still Together?

Whether or not this Love After Lockup couple are still together has been a major question over the last few weeks. Alexander Bentley listed himself as single on Facebook and many viewers believed they had moved on from one another.

Meanwhile, Alexander Bentley is in trouble with the law after being stopped by the police. He was charged with nine felonies, including possession of a firearm, ammunition, and various drugs – including meth and heroin.

In addition, Glorietta claimed Alexander Bentley would be getting out of jail. But, court records showed that wouldn’t be the case. The recent interview took place prior to his latest charges. And, Glorietta said in the recent interview that the possibility of Alexander getting arrested is something that weighs heavily on her. So, she is definitely having to deal with the weight of that now given his recent arrest.

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