‘Life after Lockup’: Marcelino Dark Secret Threatens Marriage to Brittany

Life After Lockup brings the crazy on the next episode as Brittany Santiago discovers husband Marcelino Santiago is keeping a giant secret from her. Also, Andrea Edwards finds something horrifying in Lamar Jackson’s pocket. Plus, Shane Whitlow must face the music after confessing to Lacey. Things are sure to get wild on the WEtv reality show.

Life After Lockup: Marcelino Santiago Hiding Something Huge – Brittany Santiago Tracks His Moves

Next week on Life After Lockup, Brittany Santiago and hubby Marcelino Santiago hit a rough patch. Because, Marcelino lies about where he’s going and then shows up at some chick’s house. Of course, it’s unclear who this woman is but she hugs him. Then, it comes out that Brittany may put a tracker on Marcelino so she knows where he’s at.

So, it sounds like there’s some trust issues on Life After Lockup between Marcelino Santiago and wife Brittany Santiago. Of course, Marcelino is only making matters worse by lying. Lately, Brittany is a bundle of emotions because she’s pregnant. Plus, she’s going through a big ordeal trying to find the two children she gave up for adoption.

Plus, Marcelino Santiago’s lies are sure to push her over the edge. Scenes from next week’s show reveal Brittany Santiago smacks a beer bottle out of his hand. No doubt, she flips and it could mean big trouble for their marriage on Life After Lockup.

Life After Lockup: Brittany Santiago - Marcelino Santiago

Andrea Finds Something Horrible – Attacks Lamar on LALU

Next week, Andrea Edwards loses it on Lamar Jackson. Surely, the Life After Lockup couple is facing hard times lately. Andrea doesn’t feel like Lamar puts her feelings first and Lamar doesn’t feel appreciated. Plus, he doesn’t share her Mormon beliefs and that strains their marriage. Soon, it comes to a head as she finds something his pocket.

This makes her freak out and she goes off on him on Life After Lockup. So, it might be another woman’s number or worse… Then, she says it changes everything and flies into a violent rage. So, it must be a big deal. Andrea’s already dropped the word divorce. Now, Lamar’s worried he’ll lose her and this may be the last straw on Love After Lockup.

Lacey and Shane on the Rocks – Love After Lockup

On Life After Lockup, Shane Whitlow dropped a bomb on Lacey that may end their short marriage. Remember, she said she felt like she was living a dream with Shane. Then, he told her he cheated before they were married. Then, it went from dream to nightmare in the blink of an eye. Of course, Lacey is furious.

So much so that she ditched him at the roller rink on the last Life After Lockup. Now, she questions their marriage. Plus, her ex-fiance John Slater is bent on getting her back. So, she may pay him a sexy visit to get back at Shane. Of course, it’ll crush John if she uses him for revenge sex and then goes to back to Shane.

Then, it may send him back down the dark path of drinking and drugs. No doubt, Shane’s mistake could cause a ripple effect and may destroy his marriage. Catch LALU next week to see things blow up with Brittany Santiago and her hubby pro-gambler Marcelino Santiago.

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