‘Love after Lockup’: Shane Reveals What It Takes to Thrill Lacey – Cast Members Offer Tips

Love After Lockup couples such as Shane Whitlow and his wife Lacey share their tips for keeping the romance alive in light of Valentine’s Day this week. Plus, Marcelino Santiago offers advice for a healthy sex life on LALU.

Also, Angela Gail reveals what gets Tony going in the sack. And, Lamar Jackson and Andrea Edwards talk lingerie. Take a look at how the stars of the hit WE tv reality show keep the bedroom fires burning. Maybe it’ll inspire you…

Love After Lockup: Shane Whitlow Sparks Romance With Lacey

Lacey and hubby Shane Whitlow of Love and Life After Lockup have no problem keeping the spark alive. And, part of the reason is Shane’s spontaneity. Because, Shane says he likes to surprise Lacey when she’s not expecting it. Sometimes, Shane Whitlow pops up with flowers for no reason. He says he’ll even bring flowers into the bedroom for Lacey.

Also, Shane says trying new things in the bedroom with Lacey is key. Certainly, variety is essential to spice it up and keep things fresh. No doubt, Shane Whitlow needs to keep Lacey happy so she doesn’t go running back to John Slater. As we’ve seen, her ex-fiance is something Lacey and Shane Whitlow often fight about on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Lacey - Shane Whitlow


Marcelino Says – Don’t Forget Your Anniversary – It’ll Tank Your Sex Life

Love After Lockup’s Marcelino says don’t forget birthdays or anniversaries. Or, the romance will go down the drain real fast. So, it sounds like he’s found himself in the doghouse before for that exact reason. So, Brittany may hold out on him, if necessary. However, she admits it’s important to her to have lots of sex.

Also, Brittany says it’s crucial to make time for date night. Especially, with kids in the house, it’s important to make time for each other as a couple. Certainly, it’s easy to get caught up in the commotion of parenthood. But, this Love After Lockup couple knows how to keep the passion alive.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Santiago - Marcelino Santiago

The Way to Tony’s Heart is Through His Stomach on Love After Lockup

Tony of LALU loves when Angela Gail cooks for him. Surely, food is Tony’s weak spot as we saw on the day of his release from prison. Remember, Angela offered him oral or red meat – and he chose the beef. At that a steak dinner on his first day as a free man, he was so happy his eyes rolled back in his head.

So, it’s no surprise food is the way to Tony’s heart because he loves it so much. However, he seems to love hookers and strippers more because he can’t stay away from them and it’s threatening his life with Angela on Life After Lockup.

Apparently, her home cooking is no match for a pole dancer. Maybe, if she can keep him fat and happy he’ll give up the strip club scene on Love After Lockup. So, they’re more of a cautionary tale than a recipe for Valentin’s Day romance…

Andrea and Lamar Spice it Up on LALU

Love After Lockup‘s Andrea Edwards believes scheduling time for each other is important. However, she and Lamar Jackson also keep their love life hopping with sex toys and lingerie. Remember, they recently visited an adult toy shop and they were like kids in a candy store.

Plus, the LALU video above shows Lamar loves lingerie. No doubt, Andrea is as into it as he is. However, she wouldn’t let him in on the action unless he cleaned up his act on Love After Lockup. So, for a while she enjoyed the toys on her own to teach him a lesson. Now, he’s out of the doghouse. For the moment.

Be sure to tune in to see Shane Whitlow and Lacey keep their romance going along with all the others on LALU. Tune in for Life After Lockup Friday nights on WEtv.

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