‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Sarah Simmons Pregnant with Baby #3?

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that Sarah Simmons might be pregnant with baby number three. This season, Michael Simmons and Sarah tried to get on the same page when it came to parenting their children. But, their co-parenting relationship went a little too far when Michael spent the night with his supposed ex-wife. Now the pair could potentially be facing another pregnancy.

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Life After Lockup Spoilers: Sarah Simmons Tries Co-parenting with Michael Simmons

In the latest season of Life After Lockup, Sarah Simmons allowed Michael Simmons to reconnect with his daughters. Sarah is still legally married to Michael. Divorce may still be on the table. But, the two were trying to work on getting along for the sake of their children. However, co-parenting doesn’t seem to go very well.

Sarah Simmons and Michael Simmons went to couples therapy. In hopes to work on their co-parenting skills. Michael was willing to work on things with Sarah. However, when he found out that she had temporary full custody of the girls he got upset. Michael then walked out of the therapy session. Leaving the Life After Lockup reality star feeling like she was the enemy.

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons - Life After Lockup

Michal Simmons and Girlfriend Confronted

Sarah Simmons didn’t want to give up on Michael Simmons building a relationship with their children. But, when he didn’t show up to see their two daughters she went to confront him. Michael was staying at a nearby hotel with his latest love interest Maria. When the Life After Lockup alum showed up Michael and Maria were outside.

The Life After Lockup cast member confronted Michael Simmons. Sarah Simmons told him that he had to pick between Maria and his daughters. She didn’t like that he was spending all his time with this girl. When he should’ve been with his kids. This caused an argument between Sarah and his current lover Maria. In the end, Michael left the scene in a van with Maria. Sarah took this as him picking his new lover over his girls.

Sarah Simmons Pregnant Again?

Sarah Simmons revealed on the show that she and Michael Simmons slept together the night he stayed over. Michael was supposed to put the kids to bed and then leave. But, he never left. Sarah may still have feelings for him. After all, he is still her husband. But, will she end up regretting letting Michael back into her bed?

Life After Lockup teasers indicate that Sarah Simmons may be pregnant again. The clip shows Sarah looking into a mirror with a worried look on her face. In the garbage, there is a pregnancy test box. Is baby number three on the way?

Fans of the show know that Sarah Simmons has been on a weight loss journey. She has already lost a ton of weight. So, the chances of her actually being pregnant is unlikely. However, this wouldn’t be the first or second-time she got pregnant with Michael. So, anything is possible.

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