‘Unexpected’: Off the Air – See When It Returns

Unexpected‘s moms and dads won’t be on the air for the entire month of February. The last episode of season 4 to air was January 31st, and it won’t come back until March.

When Will ‘Unexpected’ Come Back On?

Fans of Unexpected shared their shock when TLC made the show take a break. It looks like it was an unplanned break since it wasn’t in the press release. Some of the states had major lockdowns during the time of taping, which could be the reason for the delay.

Right now, the word is that it will come back in March. But we will update you as soon as there is a concrete date on when Unexpected will return. Fans said they felt upset because they wanted to see the births.

After the teaser showing the moms of Unexpected getting ready for their babies, fans only thought they would have to wait a week. But now, it will be at least a month before everyone gets to meet the new babies. And many people are upset about the extra time without cute babies.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan - Aden Albright

Fans Bash Insensitive Dads

Unexpected viewers watched Ethan Ybarra laugh at Myrka Cantu as she tried to do pregnant yoga. His mom, Michelle Ybarra, told Ethan he should act more serious. And he agreed that he did need to grow up and be there for Myrka.

Fans also didn’t like it when Aden Albright said Jenna Ronan was “so f*cking annoying.” when they talked. Viewers said they didn’t know what he acted like such a jerk. And even Jenna’s dad said he wasn’t acting like himself.

Unexpected fans said that Lawrence was a “real airhead” because he said pregnancy wasn’t painful. And Lilly Bennett said men shouldn’t get an opinion on it. It will be hard for him to walk his way out of that one because fans are super upset for Lilly.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett - Lawrence Bishop

Unexpected: What to Expect Next

Myrka Cantu said she wouldn’t go back on Unexpected if she had the choice. In fact, she said it was pretty difficult being on the show. But Ethan Ybarra did hint that they liked getting a paycheck from TLC.

Fans of Unexpected said Reanna looked like she was a totally different person when her baby came into the world. And one viewer said they weren’t sure if it was Reanna’s idea to be on the show. They pointed out that her mom, Jessica, seemed like she liked the limelight a lot.

The babies will come into the world when the season continues. And fans can’t wait to see how the ladies’ labors go.

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