‘Unexpected’: Lilly Bennett Explains Shocking Pregnancy

Unexpected teen mom Lilly Bennett not only had one pregnancy as a teenager, but she had two pregnancies. And TLC fans wondered how her second pregnancy was able to sneak up on her.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett Takes Her Mom’s Advice

The mom of Lilly Bennett of Unexpected told her to take things slow with her new boyfriend, Lawrence Bishop. In fact, Lilly said that her mother told her to save herself and play hard to get. She said she did that for a while—until she didn’t.

Unexpected star Lilly Bennett said Lawrence and her started getting together. But she confessed she “literally didn’t think that she could get pregnant.” She confirmed she was on birth control, but then she let something else slip.

While Lilly from Unexpected said she took birth control pills, she also admitted she forgot some of it. And when she forgot some, she said sometimes she would doubled up on it. And she figured that it would fix everything and that she wouldn’t be able to have a baby.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett - Lawrence Bishop

Lilly Grosses Lawrence Bishop Out

Fans of Unexpected said that Lawrence seems like a much nicer guy than James Kennedy. And that he definitely seems like he is more mature than he was. Despite that, he got grossed out when Lilly Bennett started talking about what was happening to her body.

Unexpected young mother Lilly said she had to milk herself, and Lawrence Bishop looked like he was very confused. Fans said that his confusion might explain the right they had a surprise pregnancy. In fact, it didn’t seem like either of them fully understand how pregnancy works and what goes into it.

Lawrence said that he has a weak stomach and isn’t sure how he will deal with the baby coming. Despite this, Lilly said he supports her a lot, and she’s very glad to have him. In fact, she said that he is very supportive and does a great job with her daughter, Aaliyah Rose Kennedy.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett

Unexpected: Preparing for the Baby to Come

Lilly Bennett from Unexpected revealed she doesn’t want an epidural this time around. Also, she said that the last time, it didn’t help her at all. But she did have some worries because she couldn’t feel the pushing part.

Unexpected fans cheered her on and said she’d be great. They also said her daughter looks so much like her and that she has strong genes. Lilly’s mom is there to support her, and it seems like she loves being a grandmother now.

Fans say they aren’t sure how out of the blue this pregnancy was. And said that they remember Lilly Bennett saying she wanted another baby. Whatever the case, the now-20-year-old looks happy with her little family.

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