‘Unexpected’: Aden Albright Cusses Jenna Ronan – Says She’s ‘So Annoying’

Unexpected‘s Aden Albright is straying from his normally quiet and supportive ways. In fact, he said Jenna Ronan was “so f*cking annoying” and even told her to go f*ck herself.

Unexpected: Aden Albright Can’t Handle Jenna Ronan

Aden Albright from Unexpected tried to talk with Jenna Ronan about her mother. She wanted to have a joint baby shower with her mom and her dad’s side. But Aden said that Jenna’s mom tried to take over everything.

Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan got very defensive over Aden’s comments. And Aden couldn’t keep his cool, so he stormed off after cussing at her. Fans said they never saw him act like that before.

Jenna’s dad, Matt Ronan, said Aden didn’t seem like himself the weeks before that took place. And Unexpected fans started to worry about why he acted that way as well. He also said a couple of other snarky things to her while she was trying to get ready for the baby.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan - Aden Albright

Aden Doesn’t Like Jenna’s Mom

Unexpected boyfriend, Aden Albright, said he couldn’t deal with what Jenna’s mom says. He said that she told Jenna Ronan to break up with Aden and to adopt the baby out. And that Jenna always defends her and doesn’t listen to him.

Jenna Ronan from Unexpected said that she never said her mom didn’t say that. And was very upset at how Aden Albright spoke to her over it. But fans said they could understand why Aden Albright would be upset over what her mom said.

Despite the drama and struggle, it seems like things worked themselves out in real-time. In fact, TLC’s Jenna and Aden are taking a big step in their relationship, and fans are super happy for them. Luca Albright is growing big, and they are getting some more space for their family of three.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan - Aden Albright

Unexpected: Moving Into Their Own Place

Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan said that they are moving into their own place. And she went on to say she is super proud of Aden Albright because he’s upgrading the house. As a matter of fact, he already fixed up an entire bathroom.

Jenna said they would redo the entire house because it needs it. But she is really excited for Luca to have his own room. She said that he does sleep with them, but she still wants him to have his own place that is special for him.

Unexpected dad Aden didn’t get any credit for being a hard worker on the show. In fact, no one knew what he did or if he even worked. But it seems like he is very handy and knows how to work with his hands.

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