‘Unexpected’: Jenna Ronan Lets It Rip in Front of Aden Albright

Unexpected‘s Jenna Ronan raised fan eyebrows when she let it rip in front of her boyfriend, Aden Albright. After it happened, they both laughed about it and said it didn’t smell good where they were.

Unexpected: Young Mom Jenna Ronan Has No Shame

Jenna Ronan of Unexpected was sitting with Aden Albright, and all of a sudden, she started laughing. Aden looked at her and asked her, “Did you fart?” Jenna kept laughing and admitted that she did let one rip.

Unexpected dad Aden Albright said that it smelled bad where they were. And Jenna Ronan started laughing even harder. That likely didn’t help her hold anything else in that might have wanted to come out.

Jenna said that she didn’t like how she looked on Unexpected in some instances. And TLC viewers think this might be one of the instances that viewers didn’t like. And the other part she didn’t like was how hormonal and pouty she was.

Unexpected: Jennalee Ronan

Jenna & Aden Albright are Like an Old Married Couple

Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan said that Aden and her dad have a good relationship. She said they kind of gang up on her sometimes, and it makes her upset. But her dad said that Aden and Jenna seem like an old married couple.

Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright might seem a little go-lucky during this time. But they are happy and work together well with each other. Jenna’s dad went on to say that he was glad that they had a good relationship unlike him and Jenna’s mother when they were young.

Fans of Unexpected laughed and said that Jenna and her boyfriend, Aden, definitely do have a close relationship. And it seems like she isn’t embarrassed to let it rip right in front of him. And Aden Albright doesn’t seem to care either.

Unexpected: Jennalee Ronan

Unexpected: Parenting from a Young Age

Jenna said that she didn’t expect to be pregnant at this young age. But she said that she is a mature person and can take care of herself. Unexpected viewers didn’t seem to agree with that at the beginning of the show, but fans hope she will mature as the show progresses.

Jenna said that Unexpected viewers have been giving her a hard time. As soon as the first episode aired, she said that people started to attack her and said they felt bad for her baby. But she clapped back and said that people hadn’t even seen her with their baby yet.

Unexpected fans said it is painful to watch how the young couple didn’t understand how getting pregnant worked. But that they were glad they are doing good and have such a good support system. And they went on to say that their baby looks adorable in photos from Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020.

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