‘Unexpected’: Jenna Ronan Not Taking Fame Well

Unexpected‘s Jenna Ronan isn’t doing well with her latest claim to fame. The boy mom from the TLC show lashed out recently and gave fans a piece of her mind.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan – ‘Leave My Baby Out of It’

Jenna Ronan from Unexpected told TLC fans to leave her baby out of it. Some viewers made comments about how unlucky her baby was. And how terrible it must be to have a mother like her.

In the first episode of Unexpected, Jenna Ronan admits she looked spoiled. But she said that people don’t know her, and she slammed them for making a snap judgment. In fact, she said that people shouldn’t be rude to her over a TV show.

Unexpected star Jenna said people hadn’t even seen her with her baby yet. And that they need to stop contacting her and telling her she is a terrible mother. She said she gets they have an opinion, but that doesn’t mean they get to throw all of that hate her way.

Unexpected: Jennalee Ronan

Jenna Defends Herself

After an onslaught of attacks from Unexpected viewers, Jenna Ronan decided to defend herself. Jenna said she does look spoiled but that she was also hormonal and going through a lot. As a matter of fact, she said that every girl going through this has a lot of challenges to deal with.

Unexpected celeb Jenna said people need to learn their boundaries. Many fans agree with Jenna Ronan and think people were out of line. But others stick to their opinions and say that they are only stating what they saw and she should be ashamed of herself.

Whatever the case, it looks like Jenna is doing great and is happy with her baby’s father, Aden Albright. As a matter of fact, her son, Luca Albright, looks happy and healthy and seemed to enjoy the holiday season. They even put on Christmas pajamas and looked adorable in their matching outfits.

Unexpected: Jennalee Ronan

TLC’s Unexpected: Dealing with the Ups and Downs of Pregnancy

Jenna admitted she didn’t act great on the first episode of the show. And fans commented about how terrible it was that they didn’t know men didn’t ovulate. Some noted how reckless Aden was about the lack of safe sex.

Fans watched Jenna pitch a fit over not getting a car for her birthday. And how she said it was overdue and said she was acting spoiled. It doesn’t seem like Jenna Ronan disputes her bad behavior, and fans think they might give her a break since she was pregnant.

In fact, many viewers of Unexpected understand the pressures of being a teen mom. But it still looks like Jenna might have a lot more unpleasant comments to deal with as the show moves forward.

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