‘Unexpected’ Spoilers: Jenna Ronan Stuck in the Middle – Drama Unfolds

Unexpected spoilers find Jenna Ronan stuck in the middle of her mother and father. Jenna isn’t doing well with how her parents can’t get along. But she’s doing her best to make it work.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan’s Baby Shower Drama

Jenna Ronan of Unexpected is nervous about “popping out a baby,” and her parents aren’t helping keep the stress low. Jenna’s dad and her stepmom talked about holding a baby shower for her. But she said she was upset because her mom already had something planned.

Unexpected star Jenna Ronan seems to want them to have a shower together. But her dad said that they should have showers separately. It doesn’t seem like Jenna Ronan wants to budge on this one, but they are trying not to stress her out.

Jenna from Unexpected said she usually gets what she wants from her dad. And fans expect to see her get the big baby shower she wants without splitting up the family. Whatever the case, there is sure to be a lot of drama as it unfolds.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan

Myrka Cantu & Ethan Ybarra Plan a Gender Reveal

Unexpected parents Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra are excited to find out about the gender of their baby. When they went to the baby checkup, they asked them not to tell what the gender was. They want to hit a pinata and find out the gender of the baby.

One of the Unexpected spoilers is that Myrka and Ethan are having a baby girl. Fans hoped they had a girl because they were fighting over boy names. Their fiesta theme gender reveal baby shower is a hit, but it’s still unclear if her mother will come.

Unexpected grandma, Liliana Cantu Villarreal, does end up coming around. There is a photo of her and the baby not long after she is born. And she looks like a very proud grandma.

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu

Unexpected: Reanna Cline & Taron Ward Fight It Out

Reanna Cline from Unexpected is not happy with her ex Taron Ward at all. In fact, she said that she doesn’t want him in the delivery room when the baby comes. Since she is having a c-section, she can only have one person in there, and she wants it to be her mother, Jessica.

Unexpected dad Taron Ward said he thinks he should be able to be in the room with Reanna. They argued more about it, and he said that he would probably have to take her to court. In real-time, he is causing drama and said that his new girlfriend is much better than Reanna Cline.

Fans said it sounds like Taron wants to blame his baby’s mama for everything. But look forward to seeing how the relationship plays out on TLC.

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