‘Unexpected’: Three New Couples Face Struggles of Becoming Young Parents

Unexpected season four follows three new couples as they face the struggles of becoming young parents. This season TLC viewers will also get the chance to catch up with a few familiar faces. But, who are these newcomers?

Unexpected: Aden Albright’s Lies Gets Jenna Ronan Pregnant

Aden Albright told Jenna Ronan a lie that ended up getting her pregnant. According to Jenna, he said that boys “ogulate” like women do. So, the Unexpected cast members didn’t take any precautions to avoid a pregnancy. Aden admits to lying to her. He believes that it’s “fun” to take the risk and not use any protection. However, it won’t be fun when the baby arrives, and Aden has to take on a lot of responsibilities.

Jenna Ronan from Unexpected also deals with family drama. She gets into an argument with her dad. It seems like her dad feels like Jenna thinks it’s his fault she’s in this situation. He says to Jenna, “I’m tired of getting blamed for everything.” Jenna denies blaming her dad. But, he says that the situation “has potential to implode.”

Unexpected: Ethan Ybarra - Mykra Cantu

Ethan Ybarra’s Family Takens in Myrka Cantu

At 16 years-old, Myrka Cantu finds herself pregnant and kicked out of her mom’s house. However, Myrka’s mother, Liliana, says that she didn’t kick her daughter out. The Unexpected TLC star says that Myrka kicked herself out the moment “she decided that she was gonna be sexually active.” However, Ethan Ybarra’s mom, Michelle, has different thoughts. She couldn’t imagine kicking her daughter out under those circumstances.

The Unexpected castmate’s mother, Liliana, has a lot of opinions about Myrka Cantu’s pregnancy. She wasn’t happy when she found out Myrka and Ethan Ybarra were going to become parents. She couldn’t breathe after finding out. Liliana believes that this baby is coming to “ruin” Myrka’s life. Being teen parents isn’t going to be easy for Myrka and Ethan. And, it seems like Myrka can’t count on her mom for help. Liliana says that she isn’t taking care of a child that’s not hers.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline - Taron Ward

Unexpected: Reanna Cline & Taron Ward Deal with Relationship Issues

Reanna Cline is a 15-year-old high schooler who got pregnant by 17-year-old, Taron Ward. Before welcoming their little one, they try to work on their relationship. Reanna says that she has “not done anything with anybody else.” But, it seems like the same can’t be said for Taron. He admits that he has slept with another girl. Reanna and Taron are not on good terms. Reanna says that she “can’t stand” Taron.

The Unexpected reality star’s mother isn’t happy about the pregnancy. Reanna Cline’s mom, Jessica, says that she’s 33-year-old and going to be a grandma. Jessica tries to get her daughter prepared for what’s to come as a young parent. She says to Reanna that it’s no longer about her or Taron Ward. It is all about their baby.

The new season will also follow returning cast members Lilly Bennet, Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson. Lilly is expecting her second child. But, this time, it is it with another man, Lawrence. Tyra goes off to college, which causes trust issues between her and Alex. The upcoming season premieres on December 20th on TLC.

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