‘Unexpected’: How Jenna Ronan & Aden Albright Afford to Live on Their Own

Unexpected‘s Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright recently moved out on their own. TLC fans asked how they could afford to move out of her dad’s house. And said they wished they could live on their own too.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan & Aden Albright Move Out

Jenna Ronan from Unexpected lived at her dad’s house with her boyfriend Aden Albright while pregnant. They stayed there for a while after Luca Albright came into the world. But recently, they moved into their own house, and fans wanted to know how.

Unexpected mom Jenna said Aden has a good job in construction. She said his income is able to pay for their home without any problem. Some people asked why she didn’t go to work, and she was a little defensive.

Jenna Ronan from Unexpected asked why she would go work minimum wage and pay a daycare. She said it wouldn’t make any sense financially. And that she wanted to stay with her baby instead anyway.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan - Aden Albright

Jenna Ronan Makes Big Plans for the Future

Unexpected viewers said they hoped Jenna Ronan still wants to do things for herself. She said she does have plans to go to school. And that she would be able to do what she wants when the time comes.

Jenna of Unexpected is going to go to cosmetology school. But it doesn’t seem like she’s in a big rush. Fans asked her if she regretted pregnant so young but didn’t regret her baby. Jenna nurses her baby and is hardly away from him, so some viewers thought it might be difficult for her since she is so young.

Unexpected star Jenna Ronan said she’s happier than she’s ever been. And that she loves being a mother to her son Luca. Some fans gave her a hard time during the beginning of the season, but now they say she seems like a great mom.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan

Unexpected: Aden Albright Gets a Bad Wrap?

On the first promo of Unexpected, Aden Albright came off as a jerk that gave Jenna misinformation. But Jenna Ronan said he is a great boyfriend and a great dad. She said his job supports them and that he also does work around the house.

Jenna said that Aden from Unexpected already totally redid the bathroom in their new place. And that they are going to fix up the house one room at a time. She went on to say how much she admires Aden Albright.

During one of the episodes on the season, Aden went off on Jenna and called her f*cking stupid. But both Jenna and her dad said that wasn’t what Aden Albright was usually like. And it seems like the couple is doing great now and don’t want fans to hold that against him.

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