‘Unexpected’: Aden Albright Downplays Parenting with Jenna Ronan

Unexpected dad Aden Albright started acting irritated with Jenna Ronan right before the baby came. The TLC mom said she wasn’t sure what was wrong with him and that he was making things difficult for her.

Unexpected: Aden Albright Not Worried About Being a Parent

Aden Albright has a chill sort of personality and keeps an even voice when he’s upset. When Unexpected production pushed him about parenting, he didn’t really want to comment. Aden told Jenna Ronan that parenting isn’t hard.

Unexpected dad Aden Albright said that they would be great parents. In fact, he told Jenna that kids are born into much worse situations. He went on to say that nothing is wrong with him – he’s just tired from his labor-intense work.

Jenna from Unexpected didn’t seem to think parenting would be that easy. She felt nervous about going into labor and taking care of the baby. If you fast forward to real-time, she is doing great with baby Luca Albright and very happy, so it seems Aden was right.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan - Aden Albright

Jenna Ronan Says Aden Is Ruining Things

Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan told her dad that she was ready to get the baby out. She felt so tired of being pregnant and ready to meet her new little one. But her dad told her that it would be the most difficult and painful day of her life.

Jenna said she knew it was going to be but what she didn’t expect was Aden’s attitude. Aden Albright from Unexpected got there to pick her up late. Jenna Ronan said she didn’t want to seem like an irresponsible little kid.

Unexpected star Aden said he had a bad headache and walked out ahead of Jenna when they got to the hospital. Jenna said Aden Albright made things different and was ruining their special day. Despite these arguments, they seem to have worked things out.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan - Aden Albright

Jenna & Family Coming Back to ‘Unexpected’?

Many Unexpected fans said they wanted to see Jenna Ronan and her family back on the TLC show. Jenna said that would not happen – not because of her but because of Aden. It seems like the relationship stress was too much for Aden Albright.

Viewers felt sad about this but were glad their relationship wouldn’t suffer. It seems like none of the old cast members will be back on Unexpected‘s next season. After the mess with needing to remove cast members from the footage, viewers hope production does a better job the next season.

Jenna enjoys showing off her little cutie Luca and would have liked to let the whole audience see him. But Aden didn’t think the experience was a good one, so they opted out of it.

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