‘Unexpected’: When Will Unexpected Season 4 Return? – Premiere Date

Unexpected is back, and there are some familiar faces on season four. TLC fans also noticed there are a lot of new teen moms and plenty of drama heading into the newest season.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett to Welcome Baby Number Two

Lilly Bennett was one of the teen mothers on season 3 of Unexpected. Lily and the father of her child, James Kennedy, are no longer together. And she is having a baby with another man.

Unexpected star Lilly didn’t look like she was upset about having a second baby. But there weren’t any comments from her parents about it. At the time of Lilly Bennett’s second pregnancy news, she was 19, and it’s unclear if she still lives with her parents.

During the last season of Unexpected, Lilly’s parents were supportive. Even when Lily Bennett was very emotional and moody, they did the best they could. During labor, Lilly did well and welcomed her daughter, Aaliyah Rose Kennedy, into the world.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett

Tyra Boisseau Deals with Drama

Unexpected mom Tyra Boisseau is back and dealing with issues with her boyfriend. Alex Wilson was one of the boyfriends that fans liked on the show. But it looks like Tyra and Alex have some problems in the upcoming season.

Tyra said she has trust issues and doesn’t believe everything Alex says. In fact, it seems like the couple might break up on season four. But other viewers don’t think things are over since they’ve seen photos of Alex and Tyra with their daughter.

Unexpected celeb Tyra has challenges going back to school. And that likely doesn’t make things easy on their relationship. Fans hope they can work it out and be one of the few couples that make it from the show.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau - Alex Wilson

Season 4 of Unexpected Hitting TLC Soon

Viewers have waited impatiently for Unexpected to come back on. The new couples shocked fans with some of the upcoming things that they will see. For instance, one of the boys told his girlfriend that men ovulate like women, so she couldn’t get pregnant if they were unsafe.

Watchers said they would glue themselves to the TV to watch the new parents. They don’t have to wait very long for the answer to, “When will season 4 of show Unexpected come on?” Dec 20th is the premiere date for the newest season, and it airs at 10 pm eastern time on the TLC network.

Viewers are sad to see that some of their favorite cast members won’t be on the show. But it looks like there will be plenty of drama and interesting television to keep fans watching. There are still some of the other cast members that are on the show, and viewers love seeing the little ones as they grow up.

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