‘Unexpected’: Tyra Boisseau Unrecognizable after Glamorous Makeover

Unexpected‘s Tyra Boisseau usually looked a little tussled and messy cute on the show. But it looks like the TLC star wanted to give herself a little bit of a different look lately.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau Goes for Over-the-Top Look

Tyra Boisseau of Unexpected got a lot of attention for her new look. Her hair is darker brown now, and she put on a lot of extra makeup and long lashes. Viewers said things like, “OMG beautiful” and “Yes, hottie.”

Unexpected star Tyra looks totally different than what she looked like on the show. Fans said they wonder what made her glamorize her look. She didn’t say anything about why she did it, but viewers think she barely looks like herself anymore.

Tyra Boisseau of Unexpected seems to have found herself and stopped caring about what others think. In fact, there is a rumor going around that Tyra left the show. She’s been sharing a lot of information about the show, and some people think she might have violated her NDA.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau

Tyra Boisseau Doesn’t Care about Her Contract

Unexpected mom Tyra Boisseau said she doesn’t care what the network does to her. In fact, she said that she would just go bankrupt if they tried to sue her for talking. Fans said she must have had a really bad experience if she was that upset about things.

Tyra got a lot of flack from Unexpected fans over leaving her daughter and Alex Wilson to go to college. Her sister, Tiarra Boisseau, was outspoken about her feelings. And said that she was a stupid b*tch for leaving her daughter.

Unexpected viewers said they get why she left, but they couldn’t see themselves doing it. But now, Tyra Boisseau is back in a relationship with Alex, and it seems like she is mad at the network for something. Fans hope she can tell everything that took place soon.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau

Unexpected: Dealing with Insults

Tyra Boisseau had to deal with a lot of insults from Unexpected watchers. Despite being one of the most mature moms on the show, many people didn’t approve of her actions. Some people said she made Alex Wilson seem like a bad father.

Some said that Alex couldn’t help his mom’s boyfriend being around the baby. They said it was his grandmother’s house, and he had no control over it. But others said that he could have moved somewhere else to keep her safe.

Whatever the case, viewers are glad Tyra and Alex from Unexpected worked things out in their relationship. And say that it will be good for Layla Wilson to have parents that aren’t fighting. They also said they hoped the network wouldn’t sue her for her actions.

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