‘Unexpected’: Lilly Bennett Labor Pains – Lawrence Bishop Says Suck It Up

Unexpected‘s Lilly Bennett said that labor pains are extremely painful. But Lawrence Bishop said he believes that pain is all mental and that she should “suck it up.”

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett In Terrible Pain

Lilly Bennett of Unexpected said she is scared of giving birth to another baby. She remembered how horrible the pain was the last time. But she said she thinks she can at least make it through the labor pains.

Unexpected mom Lilly did say she worried that her body tricked her. She said she knows it tries to trick you into thinking the pain wasn’t so bad. But she told Lawrence Bishop that having a baby was more painful than breaking every bone in your body.

Lawrence of Unexpected said that she was wrong about it and that she could deal with it. In fact, he acted like she was overreacting about how difficult it was to have a baby. He stuck with his thought that pain was all in the mind, and Lilly wasn’t happy with him.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett - Lawrence Bishop

Lilly Clashes with Lawrence Bishop Over Baby Issue

Unexpected star Lilly Bennett said she loves Lawrence’s mom. But she disagrees with her over one of the big issues that faced her baby. And Lawrence is on his mother’s side of the issue, which caused a big problem.

His mother said that they needed to circumcise the baby. But Lilly said she would never do that to her and Lawrence’s baby. In fact, she said she believed it is modern-day male mutilation. And she said she didn’t want to have any part in it, and if Lawrence Bishop did it—she would “kill” Lawrence and everyone in the hospital.

Fans of Unexpected said Lilly Bennett was a little scary when it came to protecting her babies. But they had hope the young couple could work it out. Now they seem to be doing very well, and their baby Lawrence Bishop IV is happy and healthy.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett

Unexpected: Being a Teen Mom Is Great

Lilly said that she loved being a teen mom and that she wouldn’t change it. She never talked bad about being on Unexpected like some of the moms did. And seemed to enjoy the process and the attention.

Now, TLC’s Lilly just turned 20, so she isn’t a teen mom anymore. But she is glad that she had her kids when she had them. However, Lilly Bennett did say that she didn’t really know anything when she got pregnant with her first baby.

Lilly Bennett and Lawrence Bishop are glad that big sister Aaliyah loves her little brother. And fans say that Lilly has strong genes because both her son and daughter look just like her.

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