‘Unexpected’: Tyra Boisseau Stalked by Fan – Threatens Physical Violence

Unexpected mom Tyra Boisseau gets a lot of weird people talking to her after her appearance on the TLC show. But recently, she wasn’t able to get rid of a particular stalker and threatened physical violence.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau Tries to Get Rid of Fan

Tyra Boisseau did a video where she allowed Unexpected fans to chat with her. But this chat didn’t go so well, and it was unclear if he even knew exactly who she was. The unidentified boy said he was watching another live video, and he saw her and watched to “holler” at her.

Unexpected mom Tyra said she didn’t know what he wanted and that he should go away. He kept saying inappropriate things and telling her how beautiful she was. Tyra Boisseau said she had a boyfriend and that he needed to stop.

Fans of Unexpected kept telling her to kick him off the video, but she couldn’t. Finally, Tyra said that he needed to go away, or her boyfriend, Alex Wilson, would “kick his a*s” badly. Even so, the guy didn’t want to go, and viewers said that Tyra Boisseau attracted a lot of weird viewers.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau

Tyra & Alex Wilson Back Together

In season 4 of Unexpected, they made it look like Alex and Tyra split. And they may have split while she was at school, but COVID-19 made them get back together. In fact, they are doing better than ever, and she seems defensive about her relationship.

Neither Alex Wilson nor Tyra seems to be big fans of how the show made things play out. And Tyra Boisseau spilled the tea about the show more than a few times. She even said that she doesn’t care what they do to her, and she could just file bankruptcy.

Whatever happened with them, production had to postpone the show a little bit. And Tyra from Unexpected said production had to edit out Taron Ward and Reanna Cline. It seems like production booted them because they didn’t show up for the Tell-All episode.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau

Unexpected: Focusing on Parenting

Tyra Boisseau said she was upset that she couldn’t continue at school. But many viewers of Unexpected think it might have saved her and Alex Wilson’s relationship. Both of them worried about the other one looking around for other people, but now they are back together.

Unexpected dad Alex Wilson is a great father, and now they get to parent together. Tyra said their daughter, Layla Wilson, likes to hang onto her daddy a lot. But she doesn’t seem to mind their close bond.

Fans of Unexpected said they are glad to they are focusing on parenting Layla now. But many people do understand why Tyra Boisseau wanted to go to school to better their lives.

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