‘Unexpected’: Lexus Scheller Talks Marriage with New Man

Unexpected star Lexus Scheller recently spoke about marrying her new man. Speculations have been circling that she is dating someone new. Lexus and her ex-boyfriend, Shayden Massey, have been split up for a while. And, now it looks like she might be ready to walk down the aisle with her new love interest. But, will fans see this relationship blossom in the upcoming season?

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller Returns to TLC

Fans first met Lexus Scheller on season one of TLC’s Unexpected. She and her baby daddy, Shayden Massey, welcomed their baby girl, Scarlett, into the world. Parenthood wasn’t easy for the young couple. Lexus and Shayden dealt with a lot of issues between the two. And, they were not able to make their relationship work and ultimately called it quits.

However, Unexpected viewers will get the chance to catch up with Lexus Scheller on upcoming episodes. She is allegedly set to return for another season and will continue to share her story. Shayden Massey leaked the news of her return. However, he will not be joining the cast again. He said that he was also asked to come back but denied the offer. According to Shayden, the money wasn’t right, and he also didn’t like the show’s fakeness.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller - Isaiah

Lexus Moves on with New Man

Since Lexus Scheller split from Shayden Massy, she has been focusing on herself and being the best mom to her daughter. However, a few months ago, the Unexpected cast member was in a video with a mystery man. Lexus never said if she was in a new relationship. But, fans were speculating that the two were an item. Fans were also hoping that she was being careful and using birth control.

But according to recent pictures, Lexus Scheller from Unexpected seems to have confirmed her new romance. Her new man’s name is Isaiah. There is not much known about him, but it looks like he does get along with her little girl. Last month, the three of them spent Halloween together. Scarlett dressed up as Bride of Chucky. Fans were happy to see that Lexus has found love again.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller

Marriage in Unexpected Celeb’s Future?

It is not clear how long Lexus Scheller and Isaiah have been together, but their relationship could be getting serious. She seems happy and is looking forward to a future with him. Lexus even recently brought up the idea of being his wife and marrying him. She shared a picture of her holding his hand. She said that she’s “going to marry this man.” Could wedding bells be in her future?

With Lexus Scheller allegedly returning to Unexpected, fans might get to see more of her new lover. It will be interesting to see how she navigates a new relationship while raising her daughter. Dating as a young mom can’t be easy. Will she be able to balance being a mom and being in a relationship?

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