‘Unexpected’: Tyra Boisseau Leaves Alex Wilson & Layla Behind

Unexpected‘s Tyra Boisseau has big plans, and that means leaving her boyfriend, Alex Wilson, and daughter, Layla Rose Wilson, behind. Because of this, she and Alex’s relationship is on the rocks.

TLC’s Unexpected: Big Plans for Tyra Boisseau

Tyra Boisseau of Unexpected was a cheerleader before she had her daughter Layla. She and Alex Wilson had a good relationship and were a fan favorite on the TLC show. But even after she found out she was pregnant, she didn’t want to give up on her education.

Tyra finished school, but she wanted to do even more. Unexpected star Tyra Boisseau said she knew that education was important for her. Alex is a little older than her, so he was already out of high school and not attending college.

After Tyra and Alex’s baby came into the world, she had to make a decision. Tyra Boisseau decided to leave her daughter with Alex Wilson and go to college. She did visit some, but most of the time, she was gone because she was either in school or cheering.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau - Alex Wilson

Tyra & Alex Break Up?

Unexpected celeb Tyra said she and Alex Wilson broke up around January of 2020. In real-time on the show, it looks like they are fighting and about to break up, and it might be around this time. At this point, they keep it under wrap whether they got back together or not.

Tyra Boisseau did say her and Alex’s relationship wasn’t the most important thing to her. What she did say was important was her education and taking care of her daughter. So, instead of trying to make things work out, they broke up and would see if they would get back together at another time.

Photos from July 4th, 2020, make fans of Unexpected think they are back together. But it could just be a nice photo for the little family. This is especially true since Tyra said she and Alex Wilson still have a strong friendship.

Unexpected: Focusing on the Most Important Things

Tyra Boisseau had a cramped living situation during her pregnancy. And she didn’t want to live in a situation where the money is tight. She wanted to go to school. Tyra said she knew it was important for her to get a good education so she could provide for Layla.

Alex wanted her to do what was right for her. But you could tell that he wasn’t happy with all of the things she did at college. And Tyra Boisseau said she also had trust issues that she didn’t want to make Alex Wilson deal with.

Fans of Unexpected said that Tyra did the mature thing by focusing on school and her child. And that she sounded much older and wiser than many people they knew.

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