‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Opens up About Struggles of Being a Mom at 19

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford is well-known for stealing away Matthew Blevins from her co-star Hailey Tomlinson. After announcing her pregnancy during season 3 of Unexpected’s Tell All, fans have been watching Hailey Tilford share her pregnancy updates. Now that she’s had her baby, Hailey Tilford is sharing what she misses the most about being pregnant.

Unexpected News: Hailey Tilford & Her Pregnancy Announcement

Unexpected‘s Hailey #2, or Hailey Tilford, was pregnant with Matthew Blevins’ son. Hailey #2 started dating Matthew Blevins shortly after Hailey #1, Hailey Tomlinson, gave birth. Hailey Tomlinson had a baby girl with Matthew Blevins. Shortly after she gave birth to Kinsley Blevins.

Even though they were best friends, Hailey #2 caused tension between Hailey Tomlinson and Matthews Blevins. This is while she was pregnant with Kinsley. This is because she accused Matthew Blevins of trying to cheat on his pregnant girlfriend.

After revealing that she was pregnant with Matthew Blevins’ second child, Unexpected stars were shocked. Even though she said that she wasn’t trying to get pregnant, she and Matthew were very happy together.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

TLC Star’s Life As a New Mom

Now that the Unexpected celebrity has given birth, she’s opening up about how she’s struggling as a new mom. Some of her fans ask her questions about her life, including what she’s missing about being pregnant.

She says that she misses feeling the kicks of her baby the most. Another follower asks Hailey #2 if her son, Levi Carter Tilford, is crawling or if he’s trying to stand. She shows a video of her son wiggling around on the floor. And he excitedly answers yes to this question.

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Then, she also says that Levi’s favorite food is sweet corn baby food.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Unexpected: Life Updates from Hailey #2

Hailey Tilford hasn’t always been up-front with her fans about her relationship status. While it’s clear that things between her and Matthew Blevins didn’t work out, she moved on and found a new boyfriend. This boyfriend’s name was Cole Smith.

Even though she and Cole were living together, they ended up breaking things off. This left many followers wondering where she is currently living.

She calms any worries that her fans may have by saying that she has her own apartment. She’s currently living with her best friend. Also, her son, as well as her best friend’s two kids are also living with them.

Another fan asks her for life advice. The supporter asks her to give them tips on how to save money. The Unexpected personality doesn’t have any helpful answer for her fan. Instead, she asks the supporter to let her know when they find out how to save money.

She doesn’t have her Matthew Blevins or Cole Smith by her side to help raise her son. But, she seems to be doing very well by herself, despite being a young mom.

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