‘Unexpected’: Reanna Cline & Taron Ward Breach Contract – Kicked Off?

Unexpected‘s Reanna Cline and Taron Ward are one of the couples that brought drama to season 4. But now, it seems like they might have caused a little bit too much drama.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline & Taron Ward MIA

Reanna Cline and Taron Ward didn’t show up for the tell-all recording. Since they didn’t show up, they broke their contract and aren’t on the show anymore. Fans of Unexpected said they were upset that they wouldn’t get to see the rest of the time with Reanna and Taron.

Some other Unexpected fans said that this season had been a mess. The TLC show has to be off the air some extra time because they need to edit Reanna and ex Taron out of the show. Fans said they felt invested and were upset that they wouldn’t be on anymore.

Reanna didn’t seem like she was into being on the show. And some Unexpected viewers say they thought it was her mom’s idea. In fact, a lot of people opt in for going on shows like this for money and then find out it wasn’t what they thought it would be.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline

Reanna & Taron Get Flack Over Knife

Unexpected mom Reanna Cline got a lot of hate after a photo of her daughter with a knife came up. However, Reanna quickly defended herself and said it was Taron Ward that did that and that she had no part of it. Viewers quickly turned their anger on the young dad.

Reanna said she wouldn’t do something like that. Some people that watch Unexpected said the knife was a folding knife and not a big deal. But others said there was too much risk for no reason.

Unexpected viewers said they hope the young parents take good care of their daughter, Danica Marie Ward. And that they don’t let the drama eat them alive and cause problems for their baby. Since Danica is so young now, she probably doesn’t notice the tension.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline

Unexpected: Moving On from Drama

Reanna’s mother, Jessica, said they would not come back on Unexpected. Many people noticed they weren’t on the new promo for the show. But weren’t sure what happened with them until she confirmed.

Reanna Cline looks like she is happy enjoying time with her daughter. Fans of Unexpected said she had a lot of bad editing throughout the show. And that they didn’t think she was as whiney and rude as it made it look like she was.

Unexpected viewers said they were sad they wouldn’t get to see what happened with Taron and Reanna. But that they were glad they were doing what was right for them. Above all, it seems like they are doing their best to avoid drama and focus on their lives.

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