‘Unexpected’: Taron Ward & Reanna Cline Have Legal Fight Over Custody

Unexpected parents Taron Ward and Reanna Cline aren’t doing any better at agreeing now that they are off the TLC show. And Taron said that he is getting ready to take the legal fight to Reanna.

Unexpected: Taron Ward Wants More from Reanna Cline

Taron Ward has always shown interest in his daughter, Danica Marie Ward. A big part of their Unexpected drama was fighting over custody. On the show, they didn’t get lawyers involved, but neither of them could agree on how they wanted to co-parent.

Unexpected mom Reanna didn’t even want him to have her every other weekend. Taron wanted to have her more than every other weekend. But Taron Ward said he does have Danica every other weekend now.

Unexpected dad Taron said that every other weekend isn’t enough for him. In fact, he said he is talking to a lawyer and will take Reanna Cline to court to get to see his daughter more. Fans said it is nice that he wants to be in his daughter’s life more.

Unexpected: Taron Ward - Danica Ward

Taron and Reanna Duking It Out

Unexpected fans mostly agree that Reanna Cline acted selfishly toward Taron Ward. But there are some people on Reanna’s side that think Taron is too immature to properly take care of his daughter. After he let her play with a knife, many viewers have safety concerns.

In defense of Taron, the knife wasn’t open, but that still doesn’t mean it is safe. Whatever the case, fans of Unexpected don’t think Reanna should punish him for one simple mistake. Reanna Cline doesn’t say much about Taron, and it seems like she wants to put him in her rearview mirror.

Fans of Unexpected said that their fighting would only hurt their daughter. And they hope they will learn to get along like Lexus Scheller and Shayden Massey learned to do. Since Danica Ward is younger, they still have hope that time will heal things.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline

Unexpected: Moving On with Their Lives

While they might not be able to agree on custody, they do believe they should move on. Both Unexpected parents have other people in their lives now. Some fans say it looks like Reanna is trying to replace Taron in Danica’s life.

Taron Ward of Unexpected talks about his daughter all of the time. He also said that he enjoys being a dad. As a matter of fact, he called Danica Ward a daddy’s girl. But Reanna Cline wouldn’t agree with that.

Whatever the case, TLC fans hope they can get things together for their daughter’s sake. And it seems like the only way to do that might be through the court system.

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