‘Unexpected’: Reanna Cline has a New Man

Unexpected‘s Reanna Cline and her baby’s daddy, Taron Ward, didn’t get back together. But it looks like the TLC mom has a new man in her life.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline Not Interested in Taron Ward

Reanna Cline and her baby’s dad, Taron Ward, split before TLC’s Unexpected started to film. Reanna had lived with her dad, near Taron, about an hour and a half away before she got pregnant. But when she found out she was pregnant, she moved back home with her mom.

Despite Taron saying he has feelings for Reanna, she didn’t want to get back together. Fans of Unexpected said they wished it would have worked out. But they also said that she looks really happy with this new guy.

Viewers of Unexpected said that she and her new man are the cutest couple they’ve ever seen. And many people complimented Reanna on her gorgeous eyes. And some people told her that her piercing looks great. Overall, they said they are happy that she is happy with this new guy.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline

Reanna Dotes on Her Baby

Unexpected star Reanna had a beautiful baby girl. She named her Danica Marie Ward, and fans think that is the perfect name. Reanna Cline said that Danica is her “heart” and seems to enjoy being a mother.

Reanna Cline seems to take Danica everywhere with her. And she nicknamed her Dani which fans also think is adorable. Danica looks happy and healthy and seems to get plenty of attention from her young mother.

Unexpected celeb Reanna enjoys goofing off with her baby. And viewers said it turned out better than they thought it would. In fact, many of the young moms end up going a little wild after the birth of their child. But that doesn’t look like that is the case with Reanna Cline.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline

Unexpected: Enjoying Life to the Maximum

Some of the moms from Unexpected have a hard time when the show comes out. Many people give them trouble about how they deal with things. But so far, it seems like Reanna is only getting encouragement and support.

Reanna doesn’t seem to dislike the attention she gets from fans. But she isn’t letting it go to her head either as she enjoys her time being a mother. Whatever the case, viewers hope she doesn’t have to go through too much trouble over the show.

Despite being only one episode isn’t the show, fans tell Reanna Cline of Unexpected she is a good mother. And that it looks like her new boyfriend really likes her and her daughter. Fans say they look forward to following the rest of the show and her life as baby Danica grows.

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