‘Unexpected’: Reanna Cline Drastic Hair Change – See Pic

Unexpected‘s Reanna Cline is a beautiful blonde on the TLC show. But now she decided to go for a darker look, and viewers and other cast members say she looks gorgeous.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline’s Beautiful Look

Reanna Cline from Unexpected made a drastic hair change. Going from blond to a dark color was a win for the young mom, according to fans. In fact, even Lilly Bennett weighed in and said that she looks amazing with her new look.

Not only did Unexpected mom Reanna get darker hair, but she went full glam. Viewers noticed that it looked like she had fake lashes on and said that they look amazing on her. They said she looks very pretty but that she also looks very happy.

Unexpected star Reanna Cline got a lot of attention with her latest makeover photo. One fan joked and said, “If I don’t look like this as soon as I have a baby, I don’t want one.” And other people dropped words of kindness and support for her.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline

Reanna Has Baby Daddy Drama

One Unexpected fan put their two cents in and said that Reanna Cline should let the baby see her dad. In real-time, her baby does see her father, Taron Ward. Despite Reanna and Taron not being on the best of terms, she still makes sure her daughter gets to see him.

During Unexpected, Reanna and Taron didn’t get along well. She didn’t want to give on any of the issues, and Taron Ward didn’t know how to get his way. Taron had cheated on her while they were together, and she didn’t want to forgive him.

Reanna Cline’s mom, Jessica, wanted her to be nice for the baby’s sake. Near the end of the pregnancy, the Unexpected mother tried to be nice to her ex. And it seemed to go pretty well, at least for a while.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline

Unexpected: Birthing Your Best Friend

Reanna Cline and her baby hang out all of the time. Reanna takes her out on the water, enjoys bathtime goofing off with her baby, and more. Viewers of Unexpected think her daughter looks a lot like her and said she is so cute.

One fan said she hopes that Reanna doesn’t let the hate get to her. A lot of viewers said that Reanna Cline was immature when she was on the show. Others pointed out that she was only 15, and they were likely immature at that age too.

Whatever the case, viewers of Unexpected are glad Reanna is having a good time being a mother. She said that her baby is doing well, and so is she.

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